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I took my test on the 21st of March and only had 85 questions. I am so nervous. I felt like the test wasn't as difficult as it should be. The questions didn't require a lot of critical thinking. What does that mean? I only had... Read More

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    I took the NCLEX-PN yesterday and only had 85 questions. It was much harder than I had expected. I studied everything that the ATI test told me I needed extra help on and still don't feel very comfortable. Everything I studied in my NCLEX book and CD seemed very redundant and I was getting the majority right. I have no idea if I passed or not! Does anyone know how hard it is to fail with only 85 questions?

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    Im stressing myself took my NCLEX-PN on Thursday morning. (I ended up almost not making my appt due to the main road being closed due to a major wreck) what shoulda taken me little over an hour to get to took me 3 hrs (yeah I allowed plenty of time to get up there eat breakfast etc.). I got there at 830 for an 8am test time. I was already stressed out and then to make matters worst within the 1st few questions I thought my head was gonna explode asking me about drugs Id never seen. Ugh well it kicked off at 85 questions which everybody tells me is a good sign. I mean hell I had a 4.0 in Nursing school which should imply I knew my stuff but even I was a little leary and worried and still am. JUst waiting to see if my license posts on the VA Board of Nursing site soon (they are usually pretty quick but Ive also heard due to a big pool of new grads it maybe slower then normal). Ugh.. I hate waiting.. I mean I have my temp 90day letter but what good is it still if Ive taken my boards I mean technically if Ive failed I cant work as an LPN according to the BON so what do I do? oh well maybe iLl find out soon enough and then I can stop being an LPN-A and just drop the A instead of losing my LP for now and being a CNA again

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    djewel6 and everyone else wishing you all the best of luck. Lets keep each other in prayers. I took my nclex on thurday and it stopped at 85. I haven't been able to sleep waiting for my results. People say if you claim it then its yours. So I'm claiming it. I PASSED THE BOARDS:chuckle
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    i just took mine today and felt like i didnt know anything. it shut off at 85..??? is that good or bad
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    Quote from vanessa04
    i just took mine today and felt like i didnt know anything. it shut off at 85..??? is that good or bad

    It is just a number, you just can not predict with this exam. Good luck and try to relax
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    I took the nclex pn and had 85 questions and I pass. 90% of the students I know who had 85 questions passed.

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