I PASSED YALL!!!! Yaaayyy!!! My experience... - page 2

Let me start off by saying, never lose hope in God!!! I took my NCLEX on Friday, walked out confident, then as the day progressed, I felt worse and worse...:uhoh3: I just knew that passing was not in... Read More

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    thank you all! surprisingly i haven't had too much time to study, i'm back at work now! lol but i get to celebrate for the rest of my life...

    fmatoz&backagain.... i had 113 questions, approximately 8-10 sata, i also had one where i had to put something in the correct order (forgot the name of those type of questions), and also one where they gave me a picture and i had to identify what type of contact to put that person in with that disease.

    iamblessed... don't worry, you got this! i'll definitely be praying for you. don't give up and continue to pray!

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    Thank you guys

    I love how people on this website do exactly what nurses do everyday. Care for each other

    I will let you all know how it goes.

    Whats next nurse NrsNikster?
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    Iamblessed.... What's next?... JOB SEARCH!!! LOL I'm trying to get back in the hospital where I did my externship so hopefully I can get back in there. SN: I thought about you today. I know you were saying that you take your NCLEX today and your best friend was yesterday (I hope I got that right). How did it go?!?! I hope well! Don't you worry bout a thang!!!
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    congrats..its give me motivation to study ...
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    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX and good luck with the job search.
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    Don't give up! Keep studying! It'll all pay off at the end...

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