I Passed The NCLEX For The Third Time And You Can Too!!!

  1. I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know a little bit about my journey to passing the NCLEX. I had to take the NCLEX three times before I passed! I was always a good student in nursing school and I got all A's and B's in my classes. After I graduated in Sept of 2010, our class was given unlimited study time with the ATI program until we passed the NCLEX. Our director and assistant director of nursing told us that they had gone ahead and purchased the program for all of the nursing students at no cost to us. As far as I knew, this sounded like a great deal! I started going through the online program and took the tests, studied, and got advice from my coach when I needed it. When I ended the program the first time around, I was told to take a predictor test and I got a 94% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first try! My coach told me I was ready for the NCLEX so I scheduled it and took it about 2 weeks later. I got 108 questions, and I FAILED!! I walked out feeling horrible about it and I was in tears! Two days later, I found out that I had for sure failed! I was so upset I took it out on my ATI coach. She said she felt really bad and that we would figure out where I went wrong and she assured me I would pass the second time. After I took a few days to sulk and be upset, I moved forward and I was determined to pass and I knew I would never give up until I passed this stupid test!! I decided to do the ATI one more time since I could not see myself spending anymore money on NCLEX prep material, especially since the NCLEX itself is $200! I went through the whole program again, took some different tests, focused on my weak areas like pharm and contact precautions for certain diseases and then I took the predictor test again and was told that I had a 93% chance of passing the NCLEX the second time. After the "go-ahead" from my coach I scheduled the NCLEX again and this time I got ALL 265 questions!! I was there for 5 and a half hours!! I walked out crying (again) and I had the worst headache ever! My Mom came to pick me up and I told her how it went and that I just knew I didn't get the last question right, but I still tried to hold on to the little bit of faith that I had that maybe I had passed this time. Two days later, I found out that once again my gut instinct was right and that I had AGAIN FAILED!! I couldn't believe it! I had lost all hope that day and a little piece of me just wanted to give up but I didn't! I knew that God had a plan for me and it just wasn't in my plan to be a RN at that time. After I found out, I stopped all studying for about 2 weeks and I let my ATI coach know that I would no longer be needing her assistance and that I was going to go in a different direction as far as studying was concerned (this was my nice way of telling her to f*&k off!!). After the two weeks had passed, I decided (along with my parents) to make the big investment with Kaplan. I had heard great reviews and all of my friends that had taken it passed the first time. $500 later I found myself in a week long class and taking a WHOLE LOT of questions from the online qbank and question trainers. BEST INVESTEMENT I HAVE EVER MADE!!!! The in-class part didn't give us new material to study but a new way of understanding how to critically think and disect the questions in order to answer them. The decision tree became my new best friend!! I used it every time I answered a question. I was getting questions right even when I didn't really understand some of words/diseases in the question! I was feeling a lot more confident and relaxed about taking the NCLEX! After I had gotten good scores on my question trainers and finished 95% of the qbank, I felt I was ready to once again take on the NCLEX! I scheduled it and took it on June 8, 2011. I went through every question using the decision tree and taking my time. I got to number 75, which was a select all that apply and after I answered it the screen went blue!!! I couldn't believe it! I walked out feeling neither happy nor sad, I just felt unsure of how I did. The whole ride home by myself from Denver to Colorado Springs, I was in a daze. I was so anxious to know how I did that I had my Dad to the PVT for me as soon as I got home. I couldn't even look at the computer! And then...there it was....the good pop-up!! I was in such shock and I just started jumping up and down screaming and balling my eyes out! Sure enough, two days later I had found out that I had for sure PASSED!!! It was the best feeling in the world!!
    The main reason for me telling you all this is because I know that if I, an average nursing student, can pass, you can too!! Take the Kaplan course and do all of the online questions and most of all DON'T EVER GIVE UP!! Nobody will care how many times it took you to pass....all they care about is that you are a Registered Nurse!! Hope this helps for all of you who are in the same boat that I was in and I wish you all the very very best!! GOOD LUCK!!
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  3. by   Iammblessed2011
    Congratulations!! and Thank you!! I really needed this

    I am taking the nclex in 3 wks.. i plan to start the qbanks kaplan questions sometime this week to give me some time to look up areas i am weak in.

    I am sure your parents are proud of you!

    Congratulations again!!
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    Congrats ur story gives me hope.
  6. by   jewls67
    Thanks for posting your story, I feel better about taking the nclex the second time, and I pray that it will be my last time. Iam too doing the qbank kaplan questions and also the hurst review Congrats on passing!!
  7. by   mbuttar
    i'm so happy for you ..........
  8. by   RedDogs
    CONGRATULATIONS Amberjo !!!!! You have helped me realize that I can try again. I have taken NCLEX 4 times now. I have been very down for the past week and a half. The 1st time I took it, I had this sinking feeling that I didn't pass. The second time I thought I did better, but still failed. Needless to say, after taking it earlier this month for the 4th time and failing again, I pretty much wanted to throw in the towel. I have taken Kaplan and Hurst I just feel that maybe I am not meant to be an RN. I have heard so many people say that everything happens for a reason, well, I wish I knew what that reason was and why does it have to hurt my pride so darn much ? I am still going through moments when I want to just go in a different direction, then I read on stories like yours , and it gives me hope and inspiration. Thank you for your story. I wish you all the best !
  9. by   lisahb13
    Thank you for sharing your story. I will be taking NCLEX for my 5th time and was a good student (A's and B's) in nursing school...to not pass NCLEX yet has been devestating to me as well as made me question if I had done the right thing by getting my nursing degree. I come here every night to continue to get motivation and the strength to continue studying and my journey to becoming an RN. Some days are good and I am positive, and some days it is hard to motivate myself knowing that all of my classmates have been working as RN's for quite some time now and I still don't have the RN behind my name. My friends and children are supportive and tell me to keep on going, but it is hard. So, I look to all of you for continued support and encouragement to make this happen. I know that I will be a great RN and shouldn't let this bump in the road define me.....
  10. by   nclexRNtaker
    Congratulations. Its been a long road for you. You deserve this. RN.
  11. by   Double-Helix
    Congratulations on becoming an RN. I'm glad that you found study material that worked for you. Not all programs are right for every person. Good luck in your job hunt.

    I do have to add though, that it is not your ATI instructor's fault that you did not pass the first two times. So there is no need to blame her or hold an animosity toward her.
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    I am so glad that this post is helping you all find that extra bit of courage you may all be needing! Trust me if I can do it so can you! Never give up on yourselves or your faith! As I have already stated in my long story and many nurses have told me, nobody cares how many times it took you to pass the NCLEX and nobody will ask, all that matters is that you are a RN Hang in there everyone and let me know if you are in need of any advice or want to know more about how I changed up my study plan the third time around! GOOD LUCK! Study that Kaplan Decision Tree!!
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