I PASSED NCLEX-RN! so thank to allnurses.com

  1. Hi everyone I just want to share my recent experience taking the NCLEX RN. Hope it will help those who are about to take the exam.

    Sorry for the long story and not good in writing my story. Any questions pls don't hesitate to ask. Thank you and good luck to everyone ... pray and work hard. I know you can make it!

    A bit of a background. I took my exam yesterday 4/17/13, and I am an international educated nurse from the Philippines and I'm one of those who applied for NCLEX here in CA bat I was denied too. I was so devastated and thought of going back to the Philippines so I could start my career as a nurse there instead. But, my family was against the idea and encourage me to look for other State that doesn't implement the concurrency thing and that where allnurses greatly help me. I found Texas as an alternate route to taking the exam and I'm am thankful that I did not give up and got my att.

    I have read a lot of posts here, maybe I visit this site once or twice a day to see if someone has posted something to either inspire me or get some insight as to how their test was.

    Got my att 1st week of Feb and in Texas you only have 75 days of att validity so I immediately scheduled my test and started studying furiously and took many advices from this site, like the pdf file, nclex3500 and NCBSN coz I didnt know their existence till I read those lovely people who shared those review materials that I must say, has done a tremendous job in preparing me to beat the monster, it shudders me to think how could I have made it without those.

    I have Saunders 5th edition, Kaplan book (dont have the Qbank 'coz I cant afford it) and pda by Lacharity. I highly recommend Lacharity and NCBSN. They were really helpful. Thank god I bought them on the last 2 weeks of my review. I also watched videos on Youtube like the ecg readings and procedures and they were so helpful as well.

    I got the good pop up hours after I took the exam. 75 questions for 2 hours I got my first break on my 74th question. I took the break and gathered myself, wash my face and went back inside and when it was my 75th question before I hit the next button I was praying lord pls give me more question so that I could have more chance of passing this, but God was so great and knows better whats good for me, and the screen went blue and my world started crashing down for I really thought I did the worse test of my life...but God took over and blessed me love and I made it!

    asldc BSN, RN
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    Congrats on passing your exam! Did you do the questions from Saunders? How many questions were you doing per day?
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    Its official the PVT works, PASSED THE NCLEX RN.
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    Quote from sl0832
    Congrats on passing your exam! Did you do the questions from Saunders? How many questions were you doing per day?

    i did the saunders questions mainly the sata questions and the drugs. i ddid from 100-150 a day or sometimes less if i dont feel like studying, i do as much as 50. and i agree from everyone who said that its a must to read the raionale whether you got the right or wrong answer.
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    Congrats RN.
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    Congrats !!!
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    So good to hear, congrats!
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    Congratulations!!! would love to know more on any additional advices and tips! btw, you mentioned a PDF file? what file are you referring to and if you don't mind linking it or sending it to me pls!!! NCLEX is so nerve wrecking and i seriously don't know how i'll last til 75 questions when my mind starts to wander at 40 questions!!!!
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    What PVT?! would really love to know about this...