I passed!

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    Took NCLEX today....(grad 3 weeks ago) shut off at 75 and absolutely thought I failed! Felt like I knew 5 of the 75 and had majority SATA...I felt like ALL the questions I got were not "core content " that I knew or had studied. No meds. It was very distressing but I checked and got the good pop up! I can't believe it's finally over (that part anyway) and I'm an RN!!!!

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    What did you use to study?
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    Congrats!!! Did you end up doing the other Q-review tests last night? What were your scores? Seems like a lot of people here use Kaplan ( I didn't) so I'm curious to compare Hurst scores with someone who passed NCLEX. Thanks!
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    wow no meds? thats amazing
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    I used hurst (in class review) and just the Kaplan tests! I got 69 and 70 on qtrainer 6+7. I felt like the alternate question test in Kaplan Qbank was very helpful because I got so many select all that apply. I stuck to those two resources for studying and it helped to not be overwhelmed or confused by so much info. I think doing lots of practice questions is most helpful and reviewing rationales because it helps you think "nclexy" . Also don't be freaked our when it seems like every question you are unsure of....or you think you failed....if your doing ok on practice questions....and reviewing rationales...you will be fine. (Even though it may not feel like it)
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    I did review meds and a few questions mentioned medications so I needed to know them...but no direct med questions. My friend however got multiple med questions good luck to you all, it is such a great feeling to finally put my books away! I also used the 35 page study guide posted on this site to help me, it's great!
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    thats good to know. I just did trainer #4, I hope my score for Trainter 6 &7 is high as yours
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    Congrats!!!! Good luck on your job search
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    Congrats!!! Good job!

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