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I am an RN now!!!!

  1. 2 I took the NCLEX last Monday and on Tuesday I got the official news that I passed the test!!!I am an RN now!! yey!!!!. I also wanted to let you know, that I believe the Person Vue trick really work because, an hour after my test I tried it and I got the "good pop up" that made my waiting more easy...I did not use Kaplan or other review materials of that type, because I did not have money to afford such an expense...like most of you, I was a broke nurse graduate (hahaha!! now I am a broke RN..but just until I found a job..but, pleas don't get me wrong..I am a nurse because I love this profession not for the money..) anyways I did practice a lot of questions from the NCLEX books I acquired while I was in nursing school, plus my school was taught too..anyways...to all of you out there, who are about to take this NCLEX..just trust in yourself, set yourself for success, think positive...and you will do this!!!good luck guys!!!
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    Congratulations! I can't wait to pass my NCLEX and feel how you're feeling! I just started nursing school so I've got a little ways to go.
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    Hurray!! Congratulations.
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    Congratulations to you! It must be a wonderful feeling to know that it is behind you. I just took mine this morning and I got the good popup but I won't be able to get quick results for 48 hours. I hope that I can celebrate like you soon.
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    kantuta----Whoop whoop whoop dee do! You go, new RN!!!!!
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    I took the NCLEX today. I have done the pearsons vue trick and have received the good pop up. I really hope the trick is right!
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