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How to know if you pass the nclex?

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    i have a very interesting question for the community of nurses who took their nclex. this is part of a test that i am conducting to see if this is really true. i have heard from several people that when they did their nclex and the computer shut off at 75 or 265 and the screen turned blue that they passed and those whose screens turned gray failed. i swear to god i took my nclex the first time and my screen turned gray at number 240 and now i am getting ready to take it again this week. for all those who took their nclex, once twice or maybe thrice, do u remeber what color ur screen turned and did u pass???? everyone who told me that their screen turned blue told me they passed, those who told me that their screen turned gray told me they failed! i just want to conduct this survey to affirm my belief that this is really true. soo pleaaaase as many as you can reply back asap, thanks.
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    I took my test in 2005 and unfortunately I am unable to recall if the end screen was blue gray or black. My last question was at around 175. I wish you luck on passing!
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    My screen was gray, but I passed it, first try with it shutting off at 75 questions.
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    I believe mine turned blue and I passed.
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    No offense but I think you're probably just being paranoid (understandably of course, considering how stressful the state boards can be). The color of the screen most likely has to do with the computer itself (ie the operating system,version etc).

    Don't worry! Go in calm, confident, take the test, go home.... (or do like me and go get drunk and stay hungover till I found out I passed lol)

    I don't know how it is where you're taking it. But in Texas, thru Pearson Vue, we can pay $8 and find out pass or fail after 48hrs. It also shows up on the State BON website under License Verification.

    Good Luck.
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    I have heard about the blue v. gray also!!! I am taking my test next Wed. Every classmate that passed said it was blue and the two that did not pass said they were gray! Some of my classmates took it in CA and others took it in NV.
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    I took and passed NCLEX back in December 2005 and, quite honestly, I do not remember what color the screen turned when I had finished taking the exam.
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    I've heard this rumor before and seem to remember something being said about it having to do with the individual computer monitor, not a sign at all. I would just look for the official results. That is what counts.
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    Hi! I took my NCLEX today it was horrible!! I do remember my screen turning blue. I'll let you know if I passed.
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    i took my nclex rn exam today... i don't know if i failed or passed... it stops like 109..i'm not sure the num items but its 100 plus... i don't know what it means... then i've tried to register again in peason vue but they asked for credit card.. huhuhu it does mean i failed the exam? anybody experienced the same but passed the exam?
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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]

    DUDE i took mine screen turned blue n i did pvt n i failed..

    n you know what last time i took it n failed my screen turned i have failed with both color...hahah

    idk if there is some other color ppl got when they
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    Nothing works except PVT...
    All other screen color,last question right or wrong..and all that are FALSE!
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    how's ur result?