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How soon can I apply for the NCLEX

  1. 0 I'm in my last semester of nursing school and was wondering when it is appropriate to send in my application.
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    you can do it the week of your final, for they they about 4wks to process your app, time that finish and your school sends in the official verification and you pay pearson ur ready to go. ist you have to find out your official grad date, for i just grad in dec. nurse pinning on jan 15th and only just receive my att# last thurs 12 feb. my official grad date from the school was jan31. so ive been waiting now that it is here with a date im shaky
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    Each state is different, they most definitely follow different rules.
    Please check with your school to see when you should begin the process.
    Also depends on when your school will send in your transcripts as well.
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    thank you,
    have you started reviewing yet? if yes how soon did you start and how are you studying for it. i'm finishing in may and i do not know how long i have to take to study before taking the nclex. any suggestions?
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    You should always give yourself three months to prepare comfortably for the exam.
    You can start now, but it also depends on your state; how soon after you graduate that you will be able to test.

    Best of luck to you.
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