How Often Do You Check a Patient's Circulation While in Restraints?

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    I'm getting conflicting answer from different sources. Kaplan says every 30 minutes, but I could swear that somewhere else it's 15 minutes.

    Please advise.

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    circulation is checked every 2 hours, response is checked every 15, and 1:1 sign offs are every 30
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    at the very least is 2 hours i should say
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    Saunders says every 30 as well.
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    if a client is in restraints you should release (each restraint) and check circulation q 30 minutes.
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    When I was going over it on nclex 4000 it said to release them every 2 hours and u should check circulation every 10-15 minutes.
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    for what i understand depends on what kind of restraint you are using, if is for a child or for adult, if is the 4 point bed or seat (used for police and psych units). there are multiple types for multiple body sites, restraint hands in semi-conscious, etc.

    now you have to report (document) every 15 min. (observation) and let patient free (physical) every 2 hrs for rom and check circulation (and document). and 1:1 sign offs are every 30, basicly as rach10388 stated.
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    Quote from euphoria02
    if a client is in restraints you should release (each restraint) and check circulation q 30 minutes.

    my bad... you should release restraints q 2 hours and check circulation q 30 min.
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    I had a Kaplan qbank question that said to reassess the need for the restraint ever 4 hours. but for skin care and circulation checks, where is this is the course book?
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    Retrains - check skin integrity and ROM- every 2 hrs, Circulation - every 30 min

    Traction - check skin integrity ( hygienic care ) once in a day ( need to provide manual traction) traction free period.
    Neurological assessment every -4 hrs

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