How Often Do You Check a Patient's Circulation While in Restraints? - page 2

I'm getting conflicting answer from different sources. Kaplan says every 30 minutes, but I could swear that somewhere else it's 15 minutes. Please advise.... Read More

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    Quote from nclexpass
    Retrains - check skin integrity and ROM- every 2 hrs, Circulation - every 30 min

    Traction - check skin integrity ( hygienic care ) once in a day ( need to provide manual traction) traction free period.
    Neurological assessment every -4 hrs

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    According to Saunders (p. 181)
    Assess skin integrity and neurovascular and circulatory status q 30 min and remove the safety device at least q 2hrs

    According to Fundamentals ATI (p. 106)Assessed Including neurosensory checks of affected extremities (circulation, sensation, mobility). These checks are usually done at least every 2 hr.

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