How long did you wait to take the NCLEX-RN exam? How long did you wait to take the NCLEX-RN exam? | allnurses

How long did you wait to take the NCLEX-RN exam?

  1. 0 I graduate next month. I am curious as to how long did everyone wait to take the exam. I just want to get it over with! Also, any tips...
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    From graduation until day of NCLEX was exactly 60 days for me. As soon as I received the ATT, I nabbed the first time slot I could get!
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    I waited 2 months because I had to get my ATT and then I scheduled the test about three weeks from then.
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    I got my ATT on the 27th of December, graduated December 15th (but applied for ATT before graduation- transcript was sent by my school immediately following graduation) and took the NCLEX the 11th of January! But we had people that took the NCLEX on the 2nd of January!
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    It was three weeks from when I graduated to when I sat for my NCLEX. I would have taken it sooner, but that was the earliest time slot I could find in an area I wanted to take it in.
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    Graduated Dec 14th, one week later received my ATT and took the Nclex 2 weeks after that. So 3 weeks after I graduated I took the Nclex-RN.
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    I waited about 2 months. That was how long it took me to feel comfortable enough to sit for the exam. I over studied, but I wanted to make sure everything was in line.