how long did you study for?

  1. Did you study for 2-3 months before the nclex rn exam? Just wondering lol
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  3. by   Bella2917
    I received my ATT march 1st and took it this past Monday and passed so I only studied for 3 weeks..usually every1 studies 2 months just depends on the individual..I just wanted to get it over with!!
  4. by   nurseat56
    I studied for about 2 hours per day for around 3 months prior to the exam. Took it this a.m. and got the good pop up so am hopeful.
  5. by   keepmovingrn
    I wanted to take my exam as soon as I could. I took the NCLEX-RN 3 weeks after I received my ATT. I was moving and trying to get settled, so I didn't study much at all. Plus I think I was burned out with school and didn't want to see another book. I studied (did practice questions for an 1hr) maybe 3 days and did nothing the day before the test.
  6. by   St_Claire
    Less than two weeks. Why drag it out?
  7. by   morte
  8. by   Hung
    1 week exactly, but I would not recommend it. I am probably the biggest procrastinator in the world. Graduate Dec 15. never really scheduled a test date because I never really started studying. Once I did schedule a test date I kept pushing it back because I never started studying.

    I rescheduled it up to March 28, 2013 which was today and got the good popup. The only reason I put myself in a situation for a 1 week study is because someone told me about the new April changes a week ago so I wanted to take the test before April.

    If i didn't know about the new test coming April I'd probably keep rescheduling my NCLEX until next year lol
  9. by   hodgieRN
    I studied for 2-3 months. I did hundreds of questions per week. I made sure to over study.
  10. by   Sisig12
    thanks for the responses guys