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Hello Nursing World :nurse: Before I begin to tell you how I passed the exam, let me give you a brief description of the kind of student I am... During nursing school I always did good in... Read More

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    This is wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!
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    So who would you see first?

    A pt with asthma type symptoms or MI type symptoms? I made this question up....
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    Well Tildor if you are familiar with the pathophysiology you can figure out the answer. Let's see:

    Asthma - airway constriction due to inflammation. (Air)

    Myocardial Infarction - interruption of the blood supply to the heart. (Circulation)

    Although both require immediate attention, Asthma would be considered priority.
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    I totally agree..... I have been having disagreements with other students (they do not agree with you and I). lol
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    When in doubt go to your books and practice questions, that's the best way to evaluate your progress and understanding.
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    CONGRATS! and thanks for sharing!

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    I'm taking my exam here next week, unfortunately for the 3rd time, but hey, they say 3rd time's a charm. After reading this, it helped me justify that what I'm currently doing to prepare this time is the right thing to do. I too am using only 3 sources (Kaplan, Pearson review questions, and saunders). I am greatly optimistic this time and feel that the strategies I learned from Kaplan and Saunders has opened my eyes to new ways to take the exams.
    Reading this also gave me a lot of confidence too. It's great to hear success stories. Really a confidence builder. Thank you.
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    Awesome advice and congrats! Thanks for passing on some wise words

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