Help me start on my NCLEX RN review =)

  1. I just started reading Kaplan Course book last week. My exam is four months from now (I really want to prepare for it) and just I wanted to know HOW should I start or WHERE I should start reviewing. I also have here Saunders and Mosby books. For now I am still contemplating with all those review centers. Suggestions anyone? I live here in San Fernando Valley and Im looking for a near and accessible review center, plus "WORTH IT" Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   Daltontna
    If you did well on your Hesi tests in school, I would review on your own. I did Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review (Excellent Book and I still use as reference!) and Davis's NCLEX RN 2010. If you don't feel comfortable doing it solo, I heard from my classmates that the Kaplan course was good and if you don't pass the NCLEX exam your money is refunded. You have a nice amount of time to study. Good Luck!
  4. by   JuanderfulNurse
    Thank You Daltonta, but I didnt take any Hesi tests because I graduated outside US. Anyways thanks a lot! I heard a lot of positive comments to Saunders book and I think I should start reading it. =)
  5. by   shorty091985
    saunders is helping me with content. to help me pass the second time. i'm so scared to face the monster again. good luck to you
  6. by   teena thomas
    i used saunders for review of content,,,i would highly recommend it....i had the 4th edn...try the kaplan question banks,,,it helped me,,also the ncsbn review for 3weeks is 70$this too helped,,,the theory was abstract but the question banks helped,,,,hope this helps
  7. by   caliotter3
    In lieu of a better plan, just start with the first chapter of your review book and do them in order. Hope you are well on your way toward taking the exam by now.
  8. by   SDChargers!
    I had the exact same questions as you! I was very confused as to how to tackle all of the content needed to prepare for the exam! I used the Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review book which is awesome! I have heard that Kaplan is great as well. I think that no matter what book you choose to use, be consistent in your studies! Set aside a certain amount of time each day devoted solely to studying! I made a detailed schedule of what sections I would do each day and stuck to it. This ensures that you will have completed all you need to by the time your exam comes so that you aren't left cramming at the last minute!

    After reviewing content in the Kaplan or Saunders book, you need to do questions, questions, and more questions! You obtained the knowledge from the books but then you need to make sure you can apply it through questions! I did some of the questions on the CD that came with the book but I mainly used: Mosby's Review Cards for the NCLEX-RN Examination (there are over 1200 with answers and rationales). Also, I STRONGLY suggest you get a book titled: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by Linda A. LaCharity! This book focuses on questions like: what patient to assess first, what patients an LPN or CNA can have, what patients a new nurse, float nurse or travel nurse should be assigned to, who to delegate to and how, and how to prioritize a list of four patients based on their conditions! This book was my saving grace! You NEED to know how to answer those types of questions. The book was around $20. Also, make sure you know infection control forwards and backwards! Good luck with studying! The exam is not as hard as you think...i passed with 75 questions on my first try!