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This is to all nurses that has passed the nclex. I graduated in 5/12 with honors. I have not taken my nclex yet due to a lot of things I was going through @ that time + fear. I have been doing Saunders here and there. I just... Read More

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    I used pda by lacharity, pearson book & cd( which for me was the besttttt) and ncsbn

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    The Kaplan nclex prep program is well worth every penny!
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    Quote from Dubs2012

    Naomi, I need a study buddy =)
    I need study buddy too if u guys interested..... : )
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    I am in FL ... my email address is channel_0608@yahoo.com
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    @naomi & @Subs2012 my e-mail is parisginyard@gmail.com let's do this
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    Quote from msmack
    @naomi & @Subs2012 my e-mail is parisginyard@gmail.com let's do this
    I would like to join as well, my email is sakshiawal@yahoo.com
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    I am in the same boat as you, I graduated May 4th and have not taken mines either. I keep putting it off because of fear that I have waited too long and will fail. But I did find a great book by KAPLAN that's inexpensive and teslls you how to approach the NCLEX ?'s. I have found it to be a great resource for me and it's making me more confident :-)
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    what is " the guide" and how can i get a hold of it?
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    let's study together
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    I also need a study buddy

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