got the good pop up

  1. Took my NCLEX PN test this morning, 8AM for the second time. Went there today telling myself over and over "I'm going to take 205 questions and not change any answer." Took a break after an hour and 20 mins (61 questions) because I'm starting to feel the hit. I was at #84 then 85 i was so nervous to click next button then the screen just went blue. Shut off at 85. I felt so terrible that it shut off that early because I know I'm not doing good. Went home and feeling so down.

    1pm ~just now, i tried the PVT trick and i got the good pop up. I hope that its true!!

    Study Material:
    Hurst Review Online - love her!! I listen to her night and day even when my brother is getting annoyed already. I can still hear her voice while answering the nclex test
    Kaplan Qbank ( I think i payed somewhere around 150?) I 100 a day. My score was terrible tho not happy to share.
    Exam Cram PN - i did 205 every morning for 3 weeks.
    La Charity Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment - a must have book!
    With all the practice questions I read every single rationales even tho I got it right. Its honestly tiring sometimes but you gotta read it.

    Good luck to everyone!!!
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  3. by   sbostonRN
    Good Luck! I've never seen the PVT fail yet. You studied hard - good luck waiting for your official results.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Good luck with your official results.
  5. by   bumblebee2010
    I took NCLEX the first time yesterday...and i got the good pop up..

    i'm hoping its true TOO!! i guess ill find out 2morow
  6. by   RNDanaD
    I too got the good pop up after taking my test on Monday. Found out this morning I passed and could not be more excited. The pop up has worked for every single person in my class. Don't discount it, it is the truth! Congratulations!
  7. by   oztizz184
    so happy for you! congrats!!