Fluid and electrolytes

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    What's an easier way to remember the causes and signs and symptoms? I know my ranges! I just can't distinguish why a patient can have an increase or decrease.

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    Try making up a chart on one page. List the symptoms of each hyper/hypo, then go through with a highlighter and highlight the major distinguishing Sx for each one. It really helps to see them all side by side and see the similarities and differences.
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    Thanks I started to do that but didn't know how much it would help. I guess I'll continue! Thanks for the response btw
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    Hurst review is excellent for teaching about electrolytes. I would Try to google that info or watch a video on it!
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    Thought hurst was just for rn? Or can pn use it as well?
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    I took Hurst last time I took my nclex pn close to passing but fail because of my anxiety for testing I get and now this time I'm reviewing hurst again to refresh my content cause it help me a lot and now using PDA and ncsbn for questions , also taking some herbal with vitamins to help me with my anxiety and helpin alot is nothin addicted like other medications u get prescribed , well the point is hurst did help me a lot improve my content out of all the other stuff it explains it to you in a way you start wanting to read more instead of Falling sleep , definitely a good review for pn or rn . good luck
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    NCLEX mastery (app) has great electrolyte questions and they also have a bunch of mnemonics to help you remember all the information.
    I love the menmonics, any memory tricks help!!
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    How long and how much is the hurst program?

    Thanks so much I just downloaded the app
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    I'm not sure...my school included it our tuition my last semester. It is so worth it though. I take my Nclex in a few days and hurst is the only thing I'm using for content.
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    I take mine at the end of the month and the only time I'm using is Saunders and cram exam! Good Luck by the way:-)

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