Failed NCLEX RN NY State Again... - page 2

I dont know if im really stupid or what but ive already taken the exam 4 times already... Had different review schools and materials... Had my own review plan suited for myself because i know im not that smart and talented... Read More

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    goodluck to all of you! always have faith in Him...i know we can do it! just stay positive..i am not taking yet still waiting for cgfns ...GODBLESS all of you!

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    Don't be sadden by your test results. You are not stupid. After all, you have gotten through nursing school. The test does get tricky sometimes. But don't fret! Be calm and read each question thoroughly. I encourage you to work with just Kaplan and do all the questions that the course provides. Technically, you don't really need to read the whole book. Go over some of the topics that you have trouble with and understand what is going on. For the NCLEX, it's not solely based on memorization skills, just basic conversions, and if you can break down the difficult medical terms, you'll be able to find the answer. The NCLEX really wants to test your ability to apply basic SAFE nursing care. Trust me, I've been in your shoes. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL taking the NCLEX. Believe in yourself that all of you can do it!

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