1. 0 I took my exam last Dec 27 12. Failed.. I thought I might have did it this time but no. I'm so done crying but I am still so lost. I don't know what to do.. I mean what else can I literally do? Is a refresher course a good idea??
    I did hurst review twice! did saunders and even lippincott and a little bit of Kaplan.. So lost. I don't know what to do.. I don't want to give up I am just really frustrated..
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    Where do you live?
    I did one for my LPN, I plan to use them again for my RN.
    It's called ready to pass. I thought they were great
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    Well kimynurse...dont loose hope.start studying again.i have failed severally but i aint giving up.i believe God put us in this for a reason.i barely started studying keep the faith
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    I am so sorry that you didn't pass Nclex. Do Not Give- up. God is in control of your life. You are breathing, walking and the most important one is that, you are well and healthy. you have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Do you have a friend who can help you with priority, or start studying again. You have all your books, your lap-top, and prayer. I have two friends who passed their nclex years ago that help me at least two times per week for few hours, and we discuss what I am doing wrong like who do you see first, like

    "SAARE Method"
    Stable Vs. Unstable
    Acute Vs. Chronic
    Real Vs. Potential
    Expected Vs. Unexpected
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    Quote from mabahaRN
    Well kimynurse...dont loose hope.start studying again.i have failed severally but i aint giving up.i believe God put us in this for a reason.i barely started studying keep the faith
    The op failed, I never failed the NCLEX, I was suggesting, a review class that helped me pass the first time
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    I just graduated in May. Our nursing program made it mandatory that we take the Kaplan course. It's a 4 day course (Saturday and Sunday or 2 weeks 8 hours long). They give amazing tips because they hired people who have written the NCLEX. It came with a book and access to an online question trainer and question bank. I'll admit... I skipped out on a few classes. However, if you attend all 4 days and don't pass, Kaplan refunds you the amount that you paid for the class. I took the NCLEX twice. I failed the first time... I had mono the week of the test and didn't really study because I was sleeping. The second time, I read the entire book, memorized labs I was rusty on, and did all the question trainers and passed with only having to take 80 questions (I had to take the full 265 question test the first time). I highly recommend Kaplan! Hope this helps
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    hi that was my last exam date befroe i rescheduled for feb 22.please do not give up have faith. remember with God all things are possible.continue the good fight if being a nurse is your passion then ...there is your bad do you want it?
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    Take Kaplan seriously next time. I think its a touch overrated but it seems to help a lot of people, having failed that many times I am curious to know if you have done this? Why not if you havent?
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    KEMENA I want it bad I failrd 9 times I fed up.
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    Kimynurse, You mentioned about the ready to pass, is it a review online or review material? Pls email me

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