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    Hello everyone,
    I failed my nclex rn in april 2009. It's now nov 2009 and i am still not ready to retake it. I know that the time laspe won't do me any good but i am soooo scared! I got nine categories on the exam and the only one below passing was risk reduction. I did not get any above passing though. Please advise me on your thoughts and experiences. Thank you Diane

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    ive been there. 3 times. my 4th attempt is on thursday. you have to be above passing on all to pass. what number did you stop at? for me the first try was 112, second 145, third 205 the max so yea. been thrown for a loop a long time now... this time around i did more questions payed key attention to raitonals and actually understood why things happen and drug side effects, because after all thats what analysis questions are....
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    Hi Semarj911.
    Good luck to you!! You will be in my prayers! Thank you for your reply Di
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    I think it would be best for you if you read your content if you're still not able to set for your date, I prepared for my RN exam by doing self review for 3 months,
    doing 100 questions a day and reading the rationale, then browsing through my normal values and meds the last month of my review.
    Next time you will be more ready since you already saw and felt what it was like sitting for the exam. Good luck!
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    I know good review course from evolve, you buy it costs like 60$ (when i took it 2 years ago), Its online you read and after each chapter (10 chapters) you have 100 question, at the end you have 250 questions and mini nclex the same style like real one.
    It really helped me, did my BSN in 16 months and had mess in my head, needed to sit down and go through it again, It took me 30 days(few hours every day) to get ready, you can choose i think 4 weeks or 16 weeks review.

    Good luck
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    try ncsbn and also read linda lacharity's book both worked for me.. Plus read my labs everyday and also infection control..did questions every single day!! Hope this helps
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    wish you the best!
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    Why are students fail NCLEX?
    1. They don't have successful plan to study.
    2. They don't use consistent approach in the preparation.
    3. They don't choose the right material.
    4. They are studying alone.
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    Thank you all sooo very much for your replies! It was greatly appreciated
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    i failed twice. The last time was June 2009, still afraid to retake. I'm here just to give support, we can do this!!
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