Failed nclex in 75 questions. Take NCLEX tomorrow!!

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    Hello all! I had originally taken the Nclex July 3 when I graduated that May and I had done kaplan questions getting 40-58% on Kaplan qbank tests and did some question trainers and got in the 50s. I went in there confident for some odd reason and took it and Walah! FAILED IN 75! Although I knew I was not ready I was still devastated to find out I failed. I got back into Kaplan and scored:
    Q-bank: 62
    Qt 1: 68
    Qt 2: 60
    Qt 3: 61
    Qt 4: 53
    Qt 5: 64
    Qt 6:60
    Qt 7:never took it
    Readiness test 63

    I take the test tomorrow and I have been so confident up to this point two days before the test. I feel like I am panicking and scared of failing again. My scores aren't great and my anxiety level is so high. Ahhhhhh pray for me people!

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    Good Luck!
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    Good luck! Let us know how it went! :-)
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    Goodluck, with those scores I know you'll tackle it for sure. Keep us updated.
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    Good luck yur gonna make it!!!
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    Omg I just got out and I am so upset! I did ALL 265 questions had a ton of select all, 1 cardiac strip, 1 exhibit, 4 or 5 math questions and I walked out wanting to die. That was so hard. All of those priority questions that they asked were insane. They don't make practice questions like that. I feel like I failed I am so upset
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    How did it go? Did you do the pearson vue trick? Good luck to you!!
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    Did u do the Pearson vue trick ? Hope u will pass
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    Let us know what the pvt entails for you. Wishing all the best!
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    I'm too scared to do it... Do any of you know what doing 265 questions mean???

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