failed nclex

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    took the exam today but honestly saying i failed the exam. Am so desperate and down now dont know wht to do.......God help me

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    Did you do the PVT.. If not, there still may be hope. I walked away thinking I failed also, most of us do..
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    Take it easy .... YOU CAN DO IT....... just relax your mind, dont give up. But you might want to try PVT first if you have not...... you may be suprise that you did better than you think..........
    Just take a deep breath!
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    i did the pvt and it toook me to pay 200 tht means i so mad but taking it politely
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    am helpless now.dont know wht to do but chill down and look upon God for not stupid but life has pushed me to the edge.
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    honestly can someone give me a link to nclex 4000.....
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    Sorry to hear that.. Give yourself time to be down,sad,mad, disappointed etc.. Then get back on the horse and try again. What until you get your results from NCLEX then decide where you need to go from there.
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    It's not the end of the you wait 45 days and retest. Who cares!
    This test is just one small, final hurdle. You've COMPLETED NURSING SCHOOL! think of what you have accomplished!
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    can someone help me with nclex 4000.too frustrated
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    I have it as a software.

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