Failed Boards 260 Questions

  1. I prepared with Kaplan live course and did everything I needed to do in order to succeed. Sitting in for boards I felt confident as I answered the questions and honestly thought I passed. I got to the car only to find out that I failed, 260 questions later. Now any suggestions as to how to prepare for the next time?

    I have heard of so many different reviews and we are all different and learn different ways but I feel that I was close to passing and maybe needed to review more content then I did how to take the questions.

    Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Virtual
    Well to be on the positive side, whats the worst that happened? you failed the nclex? you havent failed a test in school before? It really isn't that bad, and maybe you didnt fail. I heard sometimes the early method doesnt work but whatever don't get hopes up. The point is that you have taken the nclex and you know what style the questions are. I would study what you felt was your weak point during the test. Make flashcards because they help. Look up videos on youtube if you learn visually. Look up mnemonics because they simplify a whole lot. And don't feel bad about failing, It's not like when you do become a nurse there will be a special plaque next to your name that shows how many times you failed lol. Remember it may be hard, but its not impossible
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  4. by   buspar
    Oh sorry to hear about it. Do you think Kaplan was useful ? after the test, do u think the test was more bout contents or strategies ? If u feel like u need to spend more time for contents, go with Hurst. Do u have PDA book, I heard that one was a must to have ! Good luck you will pass next time . Don't give up !
  5. by   TAS1987
    I know I failed I took it a few days ago. I think for me considering my success at other things and never failing this hit me hard. To say the least I stayed in bed for 2 days. I already work in the hospital and have heard stories over the years about nclex and thought I studied hard and I felt like I let myself down. You are right about the plaque situation for sure.
    I will keep trying and focus more on content.
  6. by   TAS1987
    Kaplan was useful as far as practicing questions but I think I needed more content I think content is more important for some reason. I do not have the PDA book and I keep seeing people talk highly of that book and I am considering purchasing it. No matter how many questions you answer nclex questions are not the same. I am praying for the best next time around.
  7. by   buspar
    I keep hearing ppl saying that Kaplan questions were very familiar with Nclex. Some said easier, some said harder.. I bet that you almost passed the Nclex since you reached to 260 questions. I have no doubt that you will do much better next time.

    This is the PDA book. I just purchased the code to practice only, i didnt buy the book
  8. by   TAS1987
    Thanks for that link. I felt that my scores on Kaplan were high and I felt confident but I guess it wasn't enough. Our school paid for a 3 week online course for NCSBN and all I did is the pretest which consist of 6 folders with several questions and my folders were considered "above standard passing". So it shocked me to see that I did not pass. I took time off work and studied hard everyday. But now back to the drawing board. LOL.
  9. by   DJAYS
    Sorry to hear that.. I failed myself back in March..and I thought I wasn't going to face my family and friends. See I got A's & B's in school so why couldn't I pass this test. What I am doing is I got me a schedule where I set some time every day for 2 to 4 hrs to read or look over nclex stuff. I have a full time job but I will pass this test. You must plan to pass not planing will set yourself up to fail. I went to a live ATI review for nclex-pn a few weeks ago. They taught us a lot of things about reading into the question more. I was glad I went I never knew all the things about nclex...if you know the content of the subject then you would pick the right answer . So now I get up early for 2 hours before my family and I go to bed late to get in . I didn't do that the first time I just study all over the place..ATI also look at the answer all of them ..and then read the question ..WHAT are asking..and WHAT do they want..WHAT answers are there to choose from...WHAT is my role ONLY...Good Luck...Hurst has a good video with contents..
  10. by   TAS1987
    Yes I am in the same situation, I work and have the family life, kids, dogs, cleaning, cooking etc. And I did study Kaplan and do the 5 week study plan and I think I did too much I would study for hours with breaks here and there but I was again all over the place. Now I have heard people say I needed to take one system at a time to study. But again I think it was facing people and telling them what happened got to my pride. There is no perfect review for NCLEX it is a strategy of learning the type of questions and knowing the content needed to narrow the answer down to the right one.
  11. by   Mwillis3
    If you are looking for content, there is a "list of notes" on here. Google nclex study guide, I havent taken the NCLEX yet. I did do the Rhinehart review a few weeks ago and a lot of things that she was talking about are on this paper....I also found from reading a lot of the posts on here that it is good to do A LOT of practice questions. Be sure TO READ ALL RATIONALES!!!!

    You could try downloading NCLEX 3500. It is a free app....
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  12. by   DJAYS
    Yes I understand that but for sure you MUST understand the subject of the question..content. I have done over 2,000 questions within 3 months time but it do not help me. When I failed I was so upset ..after ALL that review with all those books...NOTHING. My heart was very heavy I cried could I face my family. Now I will not tell no one not even my husband my date of my test only GOD. I have a schedule that I have to have 2 to 4 hrs a day 7 days a week. I write my fear on my schedule like right now I am doing med- surg stuff..then I will put the pharm with the that. I write down the questions like WHY ARE THEY ASKING THIS ...and I only do about 15 to 20 questions on that subject only..yes I have been going slow but that is okay. I will learn it better if I go over one subject at a time. The test wasn't hard or confusing it was straight to the point but I just did not understand WHAT WAS THE SUBJECT..Good luck
  13. by   TAS1987

    Thanks I appreciate that. I will try anything, haven't scheduled boards again yet but will soon. Need to figure out what all I need this time in order to pass this test. I wish in nursing school we took boards so when we graduated we could hit the ground running. I feel like I have the diploma and no license to actually use the diploma. Not a good situation. LOL. Hope for the best next time!!
  14. by   TAS1987

    All together I probably did 5,000 questions and felt like boards was nothing like them. So maybe I was weak in content and need to focus more on content and less on all those practice questions. I will say NCLEX has a way of wording them questions and you have to know how to narrow it down and what they are wanting you to pick as the right answer. Talk about the nursing shortage they keep raising the bar for passing level its going to be a bigger nursing shortage.