Everyone using prioritization, delegation, and assignment book by linda lacharity

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I was wondering what kind of scores everyone is getting from doing these questions. I havent been doing all that well, my scores have ranged from 50%-90% and the 50% is kinda freaking me out because i test next week!!
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    I bought this book yesterday, and I like it. My scores are averaging 71% so far. Hopefully the prioritization and delegation questions are somewhat similar on the NCLEX. I take it on July 15 and I'm so nervous.
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    Best study guide if you ask me. I did the book cover to cover with a friend. We didnt keep score though. But we both thought it was the most similar to Nclex and we both thought Nclex was pretty easy. So I would recomend using it and reading all the rationals.
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    this book is really helping me answer prioritization questions..
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    can i have this book downloaded online? ebook or pdf format?
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    Just took the RN NCLEX 2 days ago and would have to say priority/delegation type study guides would be VERY good books to spend time on. I would spend about 30 to 40% of my time reading Lacharity's book.
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    Quote from rnfuturern
    hi everyone,

    i was wondering what kind of scores everyone is getting from doing these questions. i havent been doing all that well, my scores have ranged from 50%-90% and the 50% is kinda freaking me out because i test next week!!

    don't be discourage about your scores..... just read and understand the wrong and right rationale.
    i found this book helpful too, i read directly the questions and rationale about 2mos ago just to save time, because i just borrow and need to be returned, then i supposed to read again before taking nclex but never had a chance. i haven't read the last chapter.
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    Passed . Hope the bowel discomfort and the sleep deprivation go away now..........:chuckle
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    I see many students find this book helpful. I wanted to buy in, but when I searched it on Amazon, I found out there are two books of this kind-one older version 2005-6? and one newer 2010. I guess, you guys are using an old one, right? Did anyone use a newer book? what is the difference? I just want to make sure I will buy the right book
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    My score varied, and then someone told me not to score it and just concentrate on understanding why the answer is correct bc the rationales are what help you to critically think like the NCLEX. It is not formatted quite like the NCLEX but if you can understand why its right, it should help you on the exam.

    I hope that helps
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    I just did the questions and did not worry about my scores instead spent time on the rationales. Used the older book that was given to me by a very good friend.
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    This is a great book. My scores ranged from 60%-90% or better depending on what section I was reviewing. I don't think the score matters much though. It's more important to make sure you read the rationales and understand why you should select one answer over the other. I passed with 75 questions and when I was taking the NCLEX I was thanking God that I used this book.
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    Hi Skazka! i used the old one bcoz i haven't see the new one last time i searched on the amazon.com and someone let me borrow it so i grabbed the opportunity and found some errors, but doesn't count for me because i've got a 98%knowledge and 2% typical error from this book and help me in passing 75Qs. Maybe the newer version is already edited and much better!!! i would rather go the updated one than the older one. i'm pretty much sure that they have almost same content, they just add more info and edited some errors.... "PERFECT BOOK DOESN'T EXIST, anyway, they are only written by human being.....

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