Did Saunders really help for NCLEX RN?

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    I have edition 5 of Saunders Comp. Review. I am going through it and I love the book; but as my date creeps closer, I want to know how well it prepared the people who have used it. Like how many questions did it take on NCLEX to pass, is there something else not in there that I need to look at, etc.

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    Hi yes most stusent use Saunders and it has realy good content, i use it too and nclex q-s are from that book too, and do more harder q-s, i use Lippincott q&a i love it! Good luck!!!
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    I agree with Zazak the contents are really good. The ones on the red font, pyramid and boxes are extremely important pay attention to those. The questions are way too easy but if you have enough time answer them good luck on your review.

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