Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Nclex-RN NY

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    For those residing in NY and have been approved for DACA:Have you taken your NCLEX, or applying for it? If so, question #22 under citizenship/immigration status which choice did you select?The one that makes the most sense is choice H. Non-Immigrant (Temporarily in U.S).On the blank space below for immigration status should I write: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (c33)? It's a new process so it only makes sense as to why it's not included as a choice. But I'm afraid that the BON might not be too familiar with DACA and might delay my application.Any thoughts? Any information related to this is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hello, even thougt Im in Florida, im in a similar situation to yours. Just wanted to let you know if they let you sit for the test or not. If yes, was presenting your ID an issue? Thanks!
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    Yes, they let me sit for the test. I'm not sure if you obtain your driver's license in Florida if it says "Temporary" / "Limited". If it does, they're unacceptable forms of ID. Make sure to bring your passport.
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    My (blood) sister just tried taking her NCLEX nursing entrance exam but was turned away because her deferred action licence says "limited term." I have another friend of mine who had no problem with the same verification.

    I was wondering if anyone else who is in the same situation run into the same problem?
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    If you go to the NCSBN website: it clearly states that, "Driver's/learner's permits or temporary identification are not accepted".

    Limited term driver's license falls under temporary identification therefore will not be accepted.
    I used my passport for identification and was able to take the test.

    Did the friend that you have with "limited term" license as well take it at the same place your sister was supposed to?

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