Can you take the NCLEX anywhere??

  1. 0 I am waiting for the email from pearson view giving me dates to schedule my Nclex- I graduate this week & Im going out of state for a few weeks starting the 30th- around when I expect to get the dates- so Im just wondering if anyone knows if Id be able to take the NCLEX in the other state?? Also I want to be licensed for my home state obviously (AZ)- even though I'd be taking the test in TN- if its possible....
    Anyone know if this is possible & how to go about doing it??

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    You can take the NCLEX anywhere. You insure the results are sent to the state where you requested a license and you are good to go.
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    when you get your ATT, you can choose any testing center in the country, and the result will be sent to the state of nursing to which you have applied.
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    You can choose any pearsonvue center as long as it administers NCLEX
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    Thanks everyone!

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