Can anyone verify Pearson Vue "trick" April/May 2013? - page 14

Hi everyone--- Took the NCLEX-RN Tuesday morning... I stressed and stressed and then came across the so-called "Pearson Vue 'Trick'" for checking scores early... Can anyone verify that this trick still works/is valid within... Read More

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    The PVT does work!!! I also took it, thought i completely failed with 75 questions, and 35 select all that apply! Agony for 5 hours while the website was under maintenance. Got the "Good POP UP," still didnt believe I passed.... But 3 days later saw my name on the BRN. IT WORKS!!!!

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    It works!!!! 100% serious!!!! I took my RN nclex exam December 20 2013 and logged onto Pearson that day and got the "good pop up" found out today I passed!!!!! I recommend it!
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    It works!!!
    Took my boards for RN on 12/20/2013. Logged onto my Pearson vue account about 2 hours later and got the good pop up! Got my actual quick results today and I passed! What a stress relief.
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    Congrats!!! I take my nclex Jan 7th. I'm scared. I'm reviewing Kaplan book, Hurst book and nclex app questions. I just hope I pass.
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    Took mine today. Got the good pop up in the parking lot directly after the test. 75 questions.
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    Worked for me too.
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    Took nclex today. Computer shut off at 75 qs and I am now getting the "good pop up". I hope the trick is still true.
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    Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know that it worked for me as well. I took my test 1/6 and the computer shut down at 75 questions. I left there not knowing either way but praying all the way home. When I got to my computer and checked the "good pop up" came up and then on 1/7 NYSBON officially had me up there as a R.N.! So yes the trick is still working in 2014! Good luck guys.
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    Worked for me! License just posted! Good pop up = RN!
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    Quote from megan9107
    Worked for me! License just posted! Good pop up = RN!
    your state is much quicker than mine. I still do not see my license nor do my classmates.

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