California NCLEX-PN result????

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    Hello!Does anyone here know how long do I have to wait for my PN exam result?I took my exam yesterday and I got this pop up.

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    wow! i hope you passed kabayan!
    how was the exam kabayan?
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    BVNPT is usually 4-6 weeks and you will not see name on website until you pay for your license
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    There is an entire threads dedicated to this.........The message '"records indicates you have recently registered for this test please contact BON. an appointment can not be scheduled at this time.', that means you passed.

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    Hi...congrats!I'm also planning to take the LVN exam, just wanted to ask if what method did you choose? Is it method 2 or 3? TIA kabayan..
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    I used method 3 kabayan..Thank you and good luck.
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    Quote from dragon_lady
    I used method 3 kabayan..Thank you and good luck.
    Hi kabayan what did you used to study?
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    Hello kabayan!I used Saunders 5th edition for the content,Saunders for PN(pink) for the Q and A's,NCSBN learning ext for PN,Kaplan for PN and PDA by Linda La Charity.Good luck kabayan
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    I'm sorry I'm new here. What's method 3? Thanku

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