awaiting license ..

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    I passed my nclex last week. How long does it take for my license to come in the mail?

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    Congrats! =] it usually takes 1-2weeks. But you can already start applying cause your license # and all the info you need is posted on the BRN website. Congrats again =]
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    It depends on your state. Some states post a license number (all you need to apply for jobs) online within 1-2 days. Other states take several weeks to post a license number. The most accurate resource for this question will be your state BON. Call them and ask.
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    This reminds me of the old saw about how long a cold lasts with and without treatment. With treatment, about 7 days. Without treatment, about a week.

    Your license will come in somewhere between two and eight weeks depending on how well-staffed your state's BON is. If you really have to know, call them and ask them directly. But it'll get there anyway.
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  6. 1 varies place to place the point is you passed!

    They can't take it away from you!(moved to NCLEX for best response)
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    Depends on the state and if they actually sent out a license. My state does not, you get a number and a website to verify, no actual paper license.
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    I took my nclex last Monday and my license came in the mail today...from New York
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    Do you have to apply for the license? Or they will just mail it to you.. I took my exam 3/28. And paid for the quick result, it says in my status pass... That means I can now celebrate right? New York State
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    Yesssss!!!! Celebrate!!!! I did right after I did the pvt!!! Congratulations!!! You'll get urs Thursday!!
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    thank you all for your responses

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