Att letter still waiting.. help?

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    Hi everyone! I've been here in the USA for a year now and still waiting for the ATT letter, i passed all the requirements they have been asking me and got confused when they send me another letter that "transcript was recieved, however RLE was not attached" I called the BON and said the same thing. What are they asking for then?
    If ever i recieved my ATT will i pick a date of my exam? how long?

    Hoping for a reply.. thanks!!

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    Ahhh....what state are you trying to get your ATT from?
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    We got the same problem..
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    Quote from jpinay28
    We got the same problem..
    What state are you referring to?
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    Quote from jpinay28
    At least you're not trying in CA, just hang in there.
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    I'd keep calling them and sending emails. If they don't respond go right to their supervisor. Usually the supervisor's name/email is at the bottom of the email. Sometimes the data does not cross over for some reason. It happened to my husband, the BON had everything needed and we were just waiting. It should be quick. So just be annoying and call, call, call...or send emails everyday. They'll move their butts... Good luck!!!
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    Quote from Kkimmy08
    Yes, I agree with you, so sad and the crying helps to take some stress out.

    But I'm sure you're well aware of the concurrency issues that's affecting thousands of international students that are being denied their ATT, not only in CA but along with 12 other States that are strictly enforcing their concurrency rules.

    Have you looked over in the World forum and under the Nurse Registration tab and read the numerous topics?

    You can make up for the deficient courses in two possible CA schools, it will take about $7,000 in up-front tuition cost, plus the cost of books and supplies, there's more information there.
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    Quote from jpinay28
    Luckily in your case, FL is not one of the 13 states that's enforcing the concurrency requirements (yet). Which also affects any out of state RN license from being endorsed-transferred over to any of the 13 affected states.
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