ATI ???

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    Anyone used ATI ? I heard good things

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    I havent used it yet. I just started my bridge program and I mentioned kaplan to my teacher. She said at the end of the program we would be using ATI instead. My teacher had very positive things to say about it, but I cant say on personal experience yet.
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    ok ! Am doing it right now !
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    We used ATI in our LPN program. I think it was good. At the end, I took the predictor (like 180?s) and I dont remember what I got on it but it translated into 98% chance of passing NCLEX-PN on first try. And I did with minimum of 85 questions.

    I also took Kaplan in my LPN-RN bridge program, I felt they were about the same. I got a 72% on the Kaplan predictor, and that translated into a prediction of like 94% chance of passing NCLEX-RN on first try. And I did with the minimum of 75 questions.

    If I had to choose I would say Kaplan though was most like the NCLEX.
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    I did Kaplan and I failed on my first try !
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    I do ati. I love it. We have used it throughout my bursing program
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    When did u take ur nclex. I'm so scared on failing ;(
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    Me too. I did Kaplan and failed on my first try just recently
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    Wow I am sorry to hear that Kaplan was not good for you. Hopefully you guys find something that works.
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    I did my nclex last November and fail with Kaplan and used ATI and pass on Saturday !

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