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OK I know this sounds stupid but I have a friend that gets really freaked out before big tests like finals, HESI, NCLEX, and usually we get together and a few days before I start throwing out random... Read More

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    I knew you'd pass!!!!! I am truly happy for you! God bless, Mary Anne, RN.
  2. by   mamaellis2many
    Please don't give up hope. The way I studied was unusual because so many live with me - my daughters and their families move back in lol soooo I got up at 12 every night when everyone was asleep and studied while it was quiet. But in answer to your question - I took a Hurst review, studied saunders, kaplan and a HESI review and I went through every last note posted on here and put them in the category they belonged in. I read over each topic in each book, highlighted important things and then typed them so they would stick. For each illness I studied the medications given and the test, etc, but that is what was right for me. I prayed hard and even said a prayer before i started my test and with the good Lord's help I passed. Just remember this - God did not bring you through Nursing school if he didnt want you to be one. Keep the faith and I in turn will pray for you and anyone else who is attempting NCLEX. Thank you so much and remember - KEEP THE FAITH AND KNOW YOU CAN DO IT ! ! ! !
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    CONGRATULATION Hay it's fast that you got your result that soon ha?when did you get your result?And I hope you will continue to help us by posting some ideas....thanks of luck for your coming RN life...
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    its been a year since ive helped contribute to this thread....i thought it was soooo those of you coming out of hard every day with a set schedule and congrats to those who have recently passed the nclex. wow i am sooo glad this thread is still going....nursing is great and i love love love it!!!!!
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    Quote from davericarn
    withdrawl symptoms:

    amphetamine= depression , disturbed sleep, restlessness , disorientation:spin:

    barbituates= nausea & vomiting, seizures, course tremors,

    cocaine= sever cravings, drpression, hypersomnia, fatigue

    heroin= runny nose, yawning , fever, muscle & joint pain, diarrhea (remember flu like symptoms)

    what do you all think about starting a "fact throwing" for pharm?????
    daverica rn.....i would love to do a pharm fact throwing would actually be super helpful for those in school is there were a thread for each specialty (ob, peds, mental health, pharm, etc)

    let me know if you start one.
  6. by   psalm23_father143
    hello to all the members of this site especially to all the nurses who contributed here in fact throwing..I PASSED MY NCLEX ,i owe this site for that..i stop at 75,got a lot of meds and sata..THANK GOD..JUST ALWAYS PRAY
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    I want to first thank ALL THE NURSES who posted these INFO on this thread. It is very helpful. ThankS for the GREAT fact throwing. I took my nclex last month and today I found out that I passed. I used this thread, kaplan, sanders and Exam Cram (by the way Exam Cram was more helpfull). once again thanks because now I can give my family a better life.
  9. by   anirack
    hi everyone. Though I am not very active in posting informations here but I really I found this site very helpful during my NCLEX review. I recently passed the exam. I would just like to share this short prayer for upcoming exam takers:

    O great St. Joseph of Cupertino who while on earth did obtain from God the grace to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew, obtain for me a like favour in the examination for which i am now preparing. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked through Christ our Lord.
    St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for me.
    O Holy Ghost enlighten me
    Our Lady of Good Studies pray for me
    Sacred Head of Jesus, Seat of divine wisdom, enlighten me. Amen.
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    Thanks to all of you for all these informations. I just found out this website from my friend about couple weeks ago. These thread is really helpful, and this is my first time posting on this thread and I have to take my 2 time retake nclex 2 days from now at 8 am. But I still feel a lot of things that I don't know. I study Kaplan book and questions, NCLEX 4000 for the second exam, but still feel don't know lots of things. But when I did the questions, most all of them I got arround 85%. Today, my body feels chills, stress (maybe because I'm nervous). . What should I do? Shall I postpone my exam until next week becuase I still have time to reschedule my test until tomorrow morning? O ya, thanks for all the prayer that you give to us, please keep pray for us and if you don't mind, mention our name on your pray. Thank you all, and thanks to Courtney1202 who started this thread.
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    Quote from LuvofNursing
    Daverica RN.....I would LOVE To do a Pharm Fact Throwing would actually be super helpful for those in school is there were a thread for each specialty (OB, Peds, Mental health, Pharm, etc)

    Let me know if you start one.
    I love to participate. These are five my facts for Pharmacology:

    1) When administering TPN via central line the nurse must use Push/Pause technique: ABSOLUTELY NEVER push a TPN formula all the way in without stopping for you would be giving a bolus of the formula. Using push/pause technique prevents the formation of a clot. A central line is needed for giving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) because the solution is packed with particles, a filter is needed and nothing else except TPN solution must go in the line because it is a DEDICATED LINE for TPN only.

    2) A nurse who administers TPN needs to check glucose levels and check urine for glucose and ketones. The solution must be discontinued slowly if the doctor has ordered to discontinue the TPN. He/she means taper down to discontinue slowly. Sudden stop of TPN places the patient at the risk of hypoglycemia.

    3) TPN cannot be mixed ahead of time, by the way, the pharmacy does the mixing per doctor's formulation. TPN cannot be mixed ahead of time because the formula changes daily according to the patient's needs for electrolytes and/or any other nutrient needed from day to day.

    4) A TPN solution can only be hung for 24 hours and change a new bag. Change the tubing with each new bag. The solution needs to be given with a pump. Use strict hand washing as the most common complication of TPN is infection.

    5) BEFORE hanging the bag check against doctor's orders that the components of the TPN solution are the same as listed on the bag according to what the doctor ordered for the patient. IV bag must be covered with a dark bag to prevent chemical breakdown of the formula. Best, feliz3
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  12. by   winsome08
    Hi all, here are my five facts for today.

    Physiologic Assessment of the Preop patient - Respiratory System:
    • Identify acute/ chronic problems eg COPD, presence of infection.
    • Assess hx of smoking, including time interval since last cigarette and # of pack years
    • Auscultate lungs for breath sounds (normal and adventitious sounds).
    • Determine baseline respiratory rate and rhythm, and regularity of pattern
    • Observe for cough, dyspnea, and use of accessory muscles of respiration
    • Inspect skin color and sclera for any signs of jaundice.
    • Review past history of substance abuse especially alcohol an IV drug use.
    • Review labs and diagnostic test for liver function.
  13. by   tongueflip00

    Seroquel, Serentyl, Stelazine

    S/E: Photosensitivity ( easily get burned)
    Orthostatic Hypotension (dizzy, check BP, change position)
    Sedation (makes u sleepy, take it @ night)
    Anticholinergic (dry mouth, urinary retention,blurred vision, constipation)
    Galactorrhea (milk from breast)
    EPS (pseudoparkinsonism, akatisia, dystonia, tardive dyskinesia)

    A/E: NMS, Blood Dyscrasia, Hepatotoxicity