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Okay, so in 8 days. I'm going to take my NCLEX RN for the first time. I'm nervous, having sleepless nights amd really cramming. I've been practicing taking practice questions. I hope its enough. I... Read More

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    Quote from LoveBSN12

    Good luck babykulit.... My test was no joke. When my computer shut of at 75q I wanted to cry. Walking out of the test building was the worst feeling ever!!! I got the good pop up but It's hard to believe until I see official results. I pray things turn out in our favor!!!!
    I failed.. Got the bad pop up... ((((
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    Quote from californiaboy

    The game isn't over til it's over. Just wait for the official results..
    I hope so.. I feel so down I thought that I nailed it!
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    Hang in there, it could be that your true results have not been checked. Did you make sure the screen said Delivery Successful? I have heard of a lot of the "bad pop ups" going the other way.
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    I just read in another post that someone also got the "bad" pop up and tried to end their cc info into the system and it then showed the good pop up.