all 265 questions on nclex!

  1. So I was one of I've heard not many that had to take all 265 questions on the nclex. It took me close to the 6 hours to finish. Heres the kicker, after all of that I didn't pass. I am now taking the kaplan prep course and will try to take the exam again in july. I guess i am wondereing if any one knows someone who had this same issue. I am a bit discouraged about it, and am seriously doubting the whole nursing career.
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  3. by   ghall184
    You have come too far to give up now, just take the exam again.
  4. by   ounsrey
    Don't give up yet! I was on the same boat as you. I had all 265 questions on my first attempt, took 5 hrs & 40 min, & failed. But I stayed motivated and studied, I passed on the next try with 75 questions! If you read more posts on this websites, lots of people get the whole 265 questions. You're not the only one. You can do it Confidence!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Go in there with your best effort. You can't give up after only one try.
  6. by   yikib38
    Wow! For a minute I thought this was my post.. I completely understand your situation and if I told you my story I would quote you verbatim. Don't give up, Kaplan worked for me..I did everything they told me to do and then some. I took the NCLEX for the second time almost a year out of school and passed!! I still ended up doing sommething like 229 q's (I stopped watching the counter after 220). Take some time to re-focus on your goal and then start studying again. Good luck
  7. by   passredskins1
    i still remember the day sep 21 2pm..i took the nclex....265 question..almost 6 hrs in the exam was dark outside when i came out...and i had a serios headche afterwards.... Recently tested on april 26...passed with 75 questions.....used nclex 4000 Cd...kaplan...and saunders questions!!.....kaplan was the most helpful of them all....i followed the decison tree and it helped during the test
  8. by   salmon7
    thanks for all the supportive comments. It was a little difficult to me because I had not encountered any one who had to do all this over again. Its hard to get the inspiration or motivation for it really, when everyone else in the class passed on the first attempt. I am diving into the kaplan course slowly, but am hoping it will click.