75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

  1. Hello everyone! I took NCLEX this afternoon and after 75 questions (many SATA) my computer shut off what an amazing feeling!! My first question was a SATA! Then questions 3,4,6 were SATA! Then at question 12, I had SIX SATA IN A ROW! I prepared with Kaplan and honestly believe that I did well today because of the Kaplan course! Immediately after, I tried to re-register and got the "good pop-up"!!

    Good luck to all who are taking it in the near future!! Try to relax, take deep breaths, say a prayer and remember THE CORRECT ANSWER IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!
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  3. by   abhinay
    congrats ky exam is within 4 days tensed regarding exam any helpful tips regarding sata
  4. by   Smilty
    Well done! Mine is on Friday and although part of me just wants it over and done with the other part seriously thinks I need more time to study! Arrgh!
  5. by   NAM123
    what do you do to pick the right answers for SATA? I always end up picking an extra one or one else
  6. by   Madds06
    Honestly- I took Kaplan and their SATA I NEVER got correct! I took the 50 question SATA test of Kaplans and got a 32% (which I was kind of happy about considering how hard they are). I will say my Nclex SATA were not NEAR as hard as Kaplans. Did you take a review course? Was wondering if there was a specific companies that you were having trouble with.
  7. by   Illpassthenclex1stym
    @Madds06 where can I find the 50 SATA questions in Kaplan? thank you
  8. by   Madds06
    Hey- it is under RN sample test # 4 in the QBank window!
  9. by   nursingforever35
    Congratulations..I read somewhere that if you look at each statement as true or false that is helpful.
  10. by   Still Standing
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  12. by   BSNrunner
    Congrats! I took mine yesterday and the same thing happened to me. Cut off at 75, got the good pop up, but had so many SATA! also got a lot of questions where i had to put steps in the right order.. those are the worst! good luck to everyone who hasn't taken boards yet!
  13. by   tshyshko
    Can you post your kaplan scores?
  14. by   Madds06
    Diagnostic test: 61%
    Readiness test: 61%
    Q trainer # 1: 63%
    Q trainer # 2: 59%
    Q trainer # 3: 53%
    Q trainer # 4: 59%
    Q trainer # 5: 61%
    Q trainer # 6: 64%
    Q trainer # 7: 64%
    Completed 100% of qbank with an overall score of 62%