75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA! 75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA! | allnurses

75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I took NCLEX this afternoon and after 75 questions (many SATA) my computer shut off what an amazing feeling!! My first question was a SATA! Then questions 3,4,6 were SATA! Then at question 12, I had SIX SATA IN A ROW! I prepared with Kaplan and honestly believe that I did well today because of the Kaplan course! Immediately after, I tried to re-register and got the "good pop-up"!!

    Good luck to all who are taking it in the near future!! Try to relax, take deep breaths, say a prayer and remember THE CORRECT ANSWER IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!
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    congrats ky exam is within 4 days tensed regarding exam any helpful tips regarding sata
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    Well done! Mine is on Friday and although part of me just wants it over and done with the other part seriously thinks I need more time to study! Arrgh!
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    what do you do to pick the right answers for SATA? I always end up picking an extra one or one else
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    Honestly- I took Kaplan and their SATA I NEVER got correct! I took the 50 question SATA test of Kaplans and got a 32% (which I was kind of happy about considering how hard they are). I will say my Nclex SATA were not NEAR as hard as Kaplans. Did you take a review course? Was wondering if there was a specific companies that you were having trouble with.
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    @Madds06 where can I find the 50 SATA questions in Kaplan? thank you
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    Hey- it is under RN sample test # 4 in the QBank window!
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    Congratulations..I read somewhere that if you look at each statement as true or false that is helpful.
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    Congrats! I took mine yesterday and the same thing happened to me. Cut off at 75, got the good pop up, but had so many SATA! also got a lot of questions where i had to put steps in the right order.. those are the worst! good luck to everyone who hasn't taken boards yet!
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    Can you post your kaplan scores?
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    Diagnostic test: 61%
    Readiness test: 61%
    Q trainer # 1: 63%
    Q trainer # 2: 59%
    Q trainer # 3: 53%
    Q trainer # 4: 59%
    Q trainer # 5: 61%
    Q trainer # 6: 64%
    Q trainer # 7: 64%
    Completed 100% of qbank with an overall score of 62%