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  1. MSNrunner

    How did your program teach physical assessment?

    I went to a B&M school that had a lab where we practiced our skills. Then we went to a med school close by that had volunteer patients. We were checked off on a full head to toe assessment, a sick patient visit, a pelvic exam, and a DRE with a doctor watching us. They gave us feedback at the end.
  2. MSNrunner

    Where do you practice as a NP?

    I'm working in primary care. This is my first NP job
  3. MSNrunner

    Commute to your job?

    Thank you!! I am working in primary care! And I actually enjoy working 9-5 so far because I like having evenings and weekends off
  4. Hi everyone! I am a new grad family nurse practitioner starting a job in primary care in a few weeks. I am so excited to start my journey as an NP. What are your go-to resources for primary care? What did you wish you knew as a new grad? I know that I will learn something new everyday and the first year may be rough. I just want to make sure I am providing the best care possible to my patients. I will have a month of orientation and then after that, I will be the only provider at the office. The doc will be at another office about 10 minutes away and said he is only a phone call away if I have any questions.
  5. MSNrunner

    Working on my DNP considering aesthetics.

    I just interviewed for an aesthetics position as a nurse practitioner. I do not have any background/experience in aesthetics and I am a new grad FNP. The company said they would send me to a week long training program for laser hair removal and then the staff would train me on botox etc. at the office. Not sure if this helps you at all, but maybe if you gained experience with an aesthetics company that would help you when the time comes to start your own business?
  6. MSNrunner

    FNP in In-Patient Settings

    A few of my preceptors have worked in the inpatient setting as FNPs. As others have stated, it depends on the hospital
  7. MSNrunner

    When to start applying for first NP job?

    Thanks for all of the great replies! My school sets up clinical sites for me, and unfortunately none of them have been in primary care (where I really want to work). I understand that I may have to work in other areas first before landing my dream job. I have kept in contact with all of my preceptors, and they have all said that I can use them as a reference. I will definitely keep them in mind while looking for job opportunities!
  8. MSNrunner

    Jobless FNP

    When would you guys suggest starting to apply for NP jobs? I will be graduating this summer and want to get a head start if I can.
  9. MSNrunner

    When to start applying for first NP job?

    I will be graduating with my FNP in August, and I am wondering when I should start applying for jobs. I hope to take boards ASAP after I graduate and I am eager to start the job search. I know the job market can be pretty rough in my area, so I am willing to relocate if needed.
  10. MSNrunner

    FNP program and working full time?

    I am also in an on campus FNP program. I will graduate in August 2018 and I have been working full time 3 12's throughout the program. I worked night shift until I started clinical, then switched to straight days. I'm not sure if I would have been able to do it if I continued to work nights. I plan on continuing to work full time until I graduate! It's definitely tough, especially with all of the clinical hours and studying. But, if you're willing to put in some long hours and not many days off, it's doable! Good luck!!
  11. MSNrunner

    Ob nurse to FNP?

    I'm a mother baby nurse in FNP school and I know several other OB/ postpartum nurses who are also in FNP school í ½í¸Š
  12. MSNrunner

    More Strange Baby Names

    One-Handsome-man Charming Nostalgia Unique Cecil Serenity La-ah (Ladasha) just a few of the interesting names I can remember/pronounce
  13. MSNrunner

    Trying to transition from medical to mother/baby, need advice!

    I became a mother/baby nurse about a year ago and I had a year and a half of med/surg experience. I didn't take any certification classes prior to becoming a med/surg nurse. My advice would be just to go for it! I am so much happier with my job than I was in med/surg. I love working with new moms and babies and the environment is so much happier. Good luck! :)
  14. MSNrunner

    Mother Infant Nurse going to FNP school?

    Thanks so much for the responses:)
  15. I have been a med surg nurse for just over a year now, and although I work with an awesome group of nurses, med surg is not where my heart is. I want to try a new area of nursing, but I also have an end goal of becoming a FNP. There is a job opening at my hospital for Mother Infant nursing and I really want to apply, but I am just wondering if this will hurt my chances of getting into FNP school or not provide me with the experience I need throughout school and once I become a FNP. Any thoughts/ suggestions are appreciated!