75 questions and I passed :)

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    I just checked my quick results, and I passed. I'm super happy.
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    Congratulations ^_^
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    Quote from Smilty
    I just checked my quick results, and I passed. I'm super happy.
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    Congrats. How did you study? Do you have any recommendations on what or how to study?
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    Thanks guys! I am from the UK and have nursed there since 2008, so that really helped with the prioritization/delegation questions.

    Also, I have probably done thousands of practice questions from multiple sources - iPhone apps, Saunders, PDA, NCLEX 3500, I found slides of Kaplan questions online, and I signed up for 3 week NCSBN course.

    For content I used Saunders - I read all the Peds/OB/Psych chapters as that's not something I've done much of until I came to the US (I only had about 1 question from each of these areas). I reviewed the major systems - cardiac, respiratory, endocrine - I'm a renal nurse so I was all good on the kidney front.

    Obviously, having a good knowledge of the basics is vital - Lab values (and risks of abnormal results), precautions, infection control, cranial nerves, hypo/hyperkalemia, drug calcs.

    You have to practice the alternative format questions!! Although, I was relieved to find that the NCLEX SATA/drag and drop were not as hard as some of the practice material

    Ummm, I studied vaguely since about the beginning of June, but only got really serious since I got my ATT, about 3 weeks ago. I study in 2 hour blocks, about 4 - 6 hours a day. Don't become a prisoner to your studying!!

    To pass this exam you have to be able to critically think and decipher what they are actually asking you! I truly feel that about 2 things I had studied were on the test - the rest was me having to think like a nurse and make the right decision.

    For pharm, try and learn groups of drugs, normally similar mess have the same ending, so that helps!

    So all in all I had, about 25 - 30 SATA, 2 drag and drop, 1 drug calc and the screen went blue at 75
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    Congrats!!! I'm scheduled to take my exam this week. I feel that I'm not yet ready. Did you finished answering nclex 3500? How was the SATA?
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    Congrats!!you were just asking the other day how to relax the day before the exam and now look at youuu Ms.RN!
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    Thanks, I'm really happy. Now to find a job.....

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