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Its official! I pass! Im a Register Nurse!! Its feels really good. Thank you Heavenly Father, allnurses, all the awesome people I met here. My source: Kaplan Qt and Qbank: way harder then the... Read More

  1. by   dat1boiej
    Congratulations, thats amazing. I just finished school and hopefully will sit for my boards in a month or so and im so nervous. I think im more nervous and afraid now than during my whole time in nursing. Im so happy for you and i just pray for the day i can say i passed my boards. Wish me luck everyone
  2. by   nurse671
    JENURSE03.. yes more Kumbaya. More challenges to come.

    lyttlemomma.. Yes I still remember your words of encouragement. Thank you.

    dat1boiej. Thank you. I glad that you are taking your board exam soon. Just keep doing daily questions and go over contents that your weak on. GOODLUCK! You got this.
  3. by   Zazak
    Quote from nurse671
    Its official! I pass! Im a Register Nurse!! Its feels really good. Thank you Heavenly Father, allnurses, all the awesome people I met here.

    My source:
    Kaplan Qt and Qbank: way harder then the actual Nclex but was helpful, it help me think critically.
    Saunders: read the entire book 4 times (ok 5 times, 6 on some chapters) Who knew I could actually read. A big surprise for me too I didn't know reading could be fun.

    Nclex4000: I honestly can't make up my mind if this source helped me.

    NCSBN: i enrolled 3 weeks. In my opinion 3 weeks wasn't enough because I read even their content.

    Random Facts on the sticky notes: I must have read this like3-4 times. Somebody with a good heart put together most of the post.

    PDA: very helpful.

    Prayers: very important even with my busy day I did the rosary almost daily.

    Also I read lots of post saying they had meds that they never heard of so I would go to American Food and Drug Administration website to check is there new drugs?? I also check American Diabetes Association, it helpful (although I didn't have questions on endocrine) they have what you need to know about diabetes A-Z they have topics that i didnt see on the Saunders Review.American Cancer, CDC (what are the hot/new issues). I figured hey I'm gonna work in America let me get myself educated..

    I heard Hurst is a good review. I really wish I had this because I know it would probably help me too. But again limited funds.

    Sorry I know how frustrating it is to have so much source, during my exam I had a mission to figure what source really help me so I can post it here but sorry i fail in that I don't know which one is the most helpful.

    Guys my life is so hard. I didn't even have a quiet place to study. I had very limited funds I couldn't afford daycare and no one to help me not even friends/family.The father of my kids he was always tired from work when he comes home he would play xbox to relax even on his days off. For my stress reliever I go to allnurses.com as much as I can because it relieves my tension. I often wish I had at least enough funds to go get my hair/nails done or go yoga.

    Goodluck to all. Please if I can do it (me who everyone around me thinks/threat me like Im dumb) If I can do it you can do it.
    Hi nurse671 )))) I am soo happy for u congratulations, i am proud of u ))) u did good job ))) please could u ask the prayers pray for me? I hope u will find good job! God bless u!!!
  4. by   cupcake8
    Congratulations new RN! You deserved! Wish u all the best for the next level,job hunting!
    I'm also interested in dialysis, but i need to pass my nclex first.It's really so hard to review if u have 3 yr old boy,you need to figure out whats the best time for you,need to motivate yourself too..By the way Nurse 671,what did u do schedule your exam first before you review again or review first b4 you schedule? Actually it's my ist take just in case.Congrats again!
  5. by   nurse671
    Zazak I know you can do it too. You are smarter than me. Keep doing daily questions. You got good source take advantage on that. You will be ok Gorgeous. God bless

    cupcake8, Its really hard when you have a kid but hang in there hard work really does pays off. I review first then register then review even more. Good luck to you. You got this!
  6. by   Noemi RN
    hi nurse,

    sorry cant reply to private message need to have 15 post...
  7. by   Noemi RN
    thanks a lot... im from cebu.. you look like a beautiful latina i graduated here way back 2005 and i dont have any stock whatsoever knowledge left for me to dig in... i scored really low around 50 percent lowest mostly... im afraid ill fail coz my husbands family spend all the expense for my exams and im afraid theyll throw it back if i couldnt make it...

    hmmm my husband is in michigan... and i wanted to take nclex right before i go there...

    your story was inspirig.. your working at the same time so i couldnt have any other excuse not to study cause i have all the time...

    thank u for the tips and thanks for replying... by the way nice to know your filipina
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  8. by   steppybay
    OMG, I just checked into this thread, WOW, congrats to you! It was so moving and uplifting! Your struggles have turned into a blissful event for you (and your family). I think mommy will be even a better mommy than before, I know that you were all that still tho' and better nurse now that this part of your career life has passed.

    Onward and forward to your next adventure, looking for the first nursing job, you'll do good with that too and I can tell you have that great personality and demeanor to come across that way.

    I too as a PH grad, still looking to get the ATT (I have to pass in CA (denied) due to the concurrency issue affecting us all recent grads), what state are you in?

    Good luck to you again!
  9. by   nurse671
    Noemark . Nclex review is stressful enough thinking of what people thinks adds more stress so I suggest not to think of what will people say if you don't pass. Just keep moving forward and keep reviewing. You got this.

    steppybay hello! Thank you for your kind words. Although Im proud to be filipina I actually graduate here in US Right after highschool I work to save money for college, so for 2 years I was working, saving and helping my older sister pay her tuition in college. When I started college my savings of course was wiped out fast and my fulltime job was not enough so I had to find a part time job too. I was exhausted luckily my sister graduated and was able to work too and help me with my tuition.

    My biggest regret ever is taking such long break.. Yes I was exhausted but I feel bad that it took me 6 years to pass Nclex. During my review I would cry because I would say to myself "well geez review could have been easier if I review before I had kids, our when I was pregnant, or when they were still infant where I dont need to chase them around". Thank God I pass, its the ultimate blessing having 2 wonderful children and having my license. I just need to find a job now

    I hope all goes well to you and all recent grads
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  10. by   RN2Be77
    Hey nurse671, congrats on passing! What is the rosary prayer?
  11. by   butorphanol
    congratulations... to you....

    may i ask how long was your review before you finally took the exam.
  12. by   nurse671
    RN2Be77.. The rosary was a 9 days prayer dedicated on passing the exam, a prayer to St. Jude and St. Joseph, and Sto. Nino. It was really good. I wish I had saved it but I deleted and threw all my notes except for this 5 rule notebook that I filled up with imp notes..

    butorphanol.. Thank you. My review was on and off but I started to really focus 6 months before the test. I didn't have confident even to the very last second . Lots of tears and desperation but it all turn out to be ok.

    I'm still Job hunting its been again very frustrating way harder than Nclex review. During my one and only interview so far I was asked how I deal with stress?? I didn't really thought about it it just came out of my mouth I said "I hold on to faith" The nurse manager just smile at me and actually said very good. So I think I really need to just have faith that good things will come.

    Good luck everyone.
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