5-6 years since passing program, now N-CLEX bound

  1. I plan on taking the NCLEX in 2 months time, but this task seems so very daunting. After all these years with basically contact with anything Nursing related -and- graduating from a school that wasn't exactly the best. That's the bad part.

    Good news is I'm a very intelligent person, more Audio inclined when it comes to retaining information. Never been much of a Sit-and-Study for hours type person, could wing almost all my classes by just listening.

    So I ask you all, pre- and post- NCLEX takers, what would be your best advice on what materials to study? I've all 2 months to study and knock this test out, with probably time/money to take a Refresher Course, if absolutely needed.

    Please, any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.
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  3. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    School was 5 years ago and you never sat for the NCLEX? I'd be finding a review class! I've never taken one, but I'm sure someone here can give some recommendations. GL!!!!
  4. by   spectrabrite
    are you even allowed to sit for NCLEX now if it has been that long?
  5. by   t00ncess
    Life happened, had to focus my attention on more serious matters. But now everything has been squared away. Dialed up Sacramento and everything is A-OK for me to take the test, so enough about that.

    Need some advice and suggestions

    Thank you.
  6. by   spectrabrite
    right on! I didnt know that was possible. Look at https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions...ssPackage.aspx

    my school uses ati and I would say it is deff a help, I graduate in 1 month and am confident due to the ATI
  7. by   mommyof2Tees

    you should ask your question in the nclex forum section of allnurses. i'm sure you will get more helpful advice there....

    nclex discussion forum for nurses | nursing students

    all the best to you. by the way if your looking for a review on content material, check out hurst review.