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I really need help on priority question with diseases who will you see first. I do understand delegation but the priority is really an issue for me. The last time I went I did la charity PDA without case study and still didn't... Read More

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    Quote from jojo23_

    1. Emphysema client using purse lip breathing while ambulating down the hallway.

    2. Patient admitted to the hospital with singed nose hairs after rescued from burning house.

    3. A patient rushed to the emergency room after being stabbed by his girlfriend.

    Who do you see first? And why?

    As someone said treat every question independently.

    Acute vs Chronic
    Real vs Potential
    Unstable vs Stable

    And what I personally add (like Acute vs Chronic) is:
    Struggling vs Coping--- STRUGGLING patients need IMMEDIATE attention.
    Haha singed hair! that came out in my exam! #2 is airway!!!!

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    New admits/transfers/12 hr or less post op/new diagnosis patients should be considered to be "unstable" regardless of diagnosis or condition. For example, a patient 2 hours post-op hernia repair (even though it's a minor procedure) takes priority over COPD patient reporting SOB.
    Also look a change in condition (any change!) needs to be seen ASAP.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!
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    PDA helped me alot with those questions. read your rationales. practice a grip of questions. like everyone here said Maslow's ABC, try to approach each pt individually.
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    Thanks everyone for the help. St Claire when you said Kaplan book do you mean the Kaplan strategies book or the Kaplan text book the one that goes with the review
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    Yes, the Kaplan NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review. It has all the Kaplan strategies laid out and explained very well. Well worth reading.
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    hi chibiRn,
    whats your rationale to prioritize the post op hernia patient ?

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