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3rd time for Nclex -Pn Helppppppppppp

  1. 0 well first off just let me say i graduated pn school on may 6th 2010, the school took forever to send off for my class to take the nclex.. well i was finally able to take my exam in july... i was so nervous when i was sitting in there infront of the computer screen... it cut off at 85 i thought i did ok.. turns out failed... well i set up a schedule to get up every morning at 5:30am and do as many chapters as i can til the family got up... i thought i was doing good... btw i used nclex made easy... well i set up my date for sept 14th i was studying everyday and thought wow i can do this i mean i did graduate with gpa of 3.5 and won student of the year.... well sept 14th came and i wasnt nervous at all to take this take i took it and got 205?... i figured must of done ok had to pass... well called the next morning (live in norfolk, va) failed.. i just cried dont know what to do know.... i was thinking of using a flashcardsystem and saunders 4th edition... please let me know any help will be gratefullll......
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    Hey you thought about the 3 week review for $50 on the ncsbn website...?
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    Be persistent. That is what wins in the end.
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    Thanks... I will be persistent and keep on praying...

    Also i never tried the review i will check it out hopefully it wil help.....
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    try hurst review..... im gettin ready to take my nclex -pn for the 3rd time...... first time i got 85 questions the 2nd i gto 205 and everything was near passing. so far hurst review is not bad. along with that i am also doing saunders 4th edition questions and answers only. thatz ok too... i hope i pass this 3rd time.............go luck
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    I know how it feels... am getting ready for my 2nd test this October... i graduated 2 years ago. hoping i can make it.
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    Has anyone passed that also did the Hurst review? I'm getting ready to take my boards in a few weeks, so im debating on this review?