Moving To MT

  1. Planning on making a move to MT in the next 3 months when my S/O transfers with his job. I am a bit nervous, will have to get another nursing license and I'm not at all sure what the pay scale is out there. And advice at all? It looks like I will have to travel about 25-30 miles one way to find a job at a hosptial large enough to be hiring.

    I'm accepting whatever advice or comments......Thanks Dianne
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  3. by   sandraann
    your in for a surprise...depending on where in MONTANA you will move...The pay is lower than what im used too! Its very clicky here! small town community.
    A great place to live and start your family. I can share alot with you, Dianne. Where in Montana are you movin. Your nursing licence is 200.00. THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STATE !!! I,VE EVER SEEN!!!!! I can tell you more if you give me your private email as its not appropriate for this site as not to offend anyone. Of course this will only be my opinion pro's an con's.
    Good Luck
  4. by   evolvingrn
    i don't understand the pay there.... we were going to move to bozeman and the pay is horrible in comparison to the cost of living... but the beauty of the state................priceless.
  5. by   mysticpenguin
    Pay is extremely low here...I'm a nursing student originally from Massachusetts (husband moved us here) and the pay for every kind of job you can imagine is lower here than anywhere else in the country I've lived (5 states so far). Cost of living is low too, though -- a two bedroom apt in a nice part of Great Falls is $450-$475/mo., electricity is super cheap...cost of car repairs not so much, especially when you factor in the negative-22-degree-weather Here in Great Falls there is only one hospital chain and that giant is buying up and buying OUT all the clinics etc in town so all we've got here is the one colossal hospital that no one wants to look for, the city (even worse), and LTC facilities as well as a (very) few private practices.