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:wavey: welcome to the missouri state forum! why not 'show me' what part of the state you all are from? suebird :)... Read More

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    I am fortunate to be able to attend the local university in Cape. I am not currently in any remote learning classes myself but the classes I am taking are being ITV'd to Kennett Mo. It's a great thing to offer in my opinion ( ecxept when the av equipment goes on the fritz!)
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    I live 20 miles south of St. Louis
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    Quote from Jess_Student Nurse
    I live 20 miles south of St. Louis
    Welcome Jess!!
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    Hi all! I am from the heart of MO good ole' Jefferson City. I was born and raised here. My husband and I actually bought the house I was raised in. I am starting my second year in Jan. I will graduate in Dec 08'.:spin: I have three kids 11 year old girl, 5 year old boy, and 2 year old girl. I am fortunate I don't have to work or else I don't think I could do it. Hubby is awesome but is ready for this to be done. I am glad I found this post as it seemed that no body is from near me. Good luck to all.
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    Hello all

    I live in Maryland Heights (ST Louis) and I have just been accepted into Lutheran School of Nursing in St. Louis........Glad to meet you all
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    Welcome to you both and Happy New Year!!:smiley_aa

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    I live in KC. I'm starting the Research College of Nursing's Accelerated Option BSN program this August.
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    [font=book antiqua]:typing

    saint charles mo
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    I am in Dexter, Mo but my in laws live in Cape. I am currently attending TRCCin poplar Bluff and applying for th RN program.
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    Well I'm not actually in St. Louis but I will be moving back this summer after I finish this semester and take my CNA classes. I will be enrolled ar St. Louis Community College-Meramec this fall. I will be finishing my pre-nursing classes. Well I hope someone is out there that will be going there this fall also.
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    Welcome and best wishes EBT! Meramec is an excellent community college and I hope you are not disappointed in your experiences there. Be sure to get input from fellow students on the best teachers for your prereqs; it's a surefire way to make sure you get the most out these classes!!
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    Aloha, I am in Liberty, MO about 15 - 20 minutes out of Kansas City. Born and raised in Hawaii, so this is a new adventure for myself and my 'ohana. Am currently researching nursing school options and in process of fulfilling my pre req's.

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum! I live in Southwest Missouri were all we seem to be getting lately is: