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:wavey: welcome to the missouri state forum! why not 'show me' what part of the state you all are from? suebird :)... Read More

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    Hello there. I have been lurking for a little bit and decided to get in here and get registered. I am from Franklin County and live near Six Flags. I was an LPN x 10 years and graduated from Deaconess College of Nursing and just passed boards last Saturday. My goal is to specialize in labor and delivery and womens health.. Hi everone!

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    Im from Union, MO but Im living in STL for my ASN program at Barnes Jewish College of Nursing.
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    Hello everyone,
    I am currently living in the suburbs of Chicago, IL and we are moving to the Rolla, MO area after I graduate (that's in May). I will be graduating with an ADN/RN and I was wondering if I should take the NCLEX in Missouri or take it in Illinois and transfer my license? Does anyone have any advice what I should do? Also, I was wondering about Phelps county regional medical center and if they hire new grads? Please help me out and thanks.
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    I would personally get my license in Illinois, and then the MO one IF you take Boards before the move. Have you considered having licensure in both states?

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    Hey guys! I am in KC and am in my second semester at Penn Valley (ADN). Man, it is hard work but I am loving it!

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    Quote from allthingsbright
    Hey guys! I am in KC and am in my second semester at Penn Valley (ADN). Man, it is hard work but I am loving it!

    How old are your children? I have a 8 week old and a 2 1/2 year old. I start the Penn Valley program in Jan (evening/weekend) so I am curious if it is hard to juggle family and school? I keep hearing these awful stories about people not spending any time with their families until after school is over.

    Also can I ask do they seem more organized once you are in the program than they do prior to starting?
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    Hey!! I'm from the NE corner of the state - don't think I'd want to live anywhere else in the world - great small community, wonderful school, and near family. So glad to be from MO - so glad this thread is going!! :wink2:
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    Hi, I'm a Jefferson County nursing student, working on my ADN at Jefferson College, south of St. Louis. It's a bi-level program. The first year is LPN, and I'm doing a second year so I can sit for the RN exam. I just passed the NCLEX-PN. I'm working in a nursing home, part-time.

    This is a second career for me; I spent about 20 years working in libraries.
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    HI, I am from good old St. Charles County, what used to be the country when I was growing up around these parts, lived in Fla, and Georgia, McDonnell douglas brat. This is a second career for me, used to be an optician/retail manager, got burnt out, switched to nursing. So far loving it working on a tele floor and learning more every day than my old brain can upload it seems like. I know now why they say nursing is forever learning. Hope to hear more replies on this site, does anyone have info on MONA and how to contact them about their chapter meetings in st chas county?
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    Hi Ya'll
    Ozark county is home, glad to see this site here to help me through first job after LPN program. Hope we get some more postings soon
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    Hi ! I'm from KC and graduated from Park's LPN-RN bridge program last spring. Looking for any nurses in the Boone county area for questions, I plan on moving there in a few years.
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    Southwest MO graduate here from May 06. Working at the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield. Not quite what you concentrate on in nursing school, but EXACTLY what I was looking for!!
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    Quote from ikatiana21
    Im from Union, MO but Im living in STL for my ASN program at Barnes Jewish College of Nursing.
    Hi, I'm still taking the prereqs but am planning to attend Barnes for their Upper Divison BSN program. I was just wondering what you think of the ASN program and the school/hospital in general. Any feedback would be great!