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  1. A Different Approach to the ADN vs. BSN Debate

    I am not stating anything bad about colleges at all. As a matter of fact, I am graduating from a college in a matter of weeks. In regards to institution, it was referring to either a college or university. All I am saying is that it should not mat...
  2. Welcome to the Missouri State Forum!

    We are moving to the Phelps County area when I graduate (10 weeks). I am currently living in Chicago and we are actually meeting with the realtor next week....I'm not taking the NCLEX here, I am taking it in Jefferson City. I can't wait to get out ...
  3. A Different Approach to the ADN vs. BSN Debate

    I have to ask a question, what does a piece of paper represent? To me, they had to kill yet another tree to print the thing. I will have a degree and it should not matter what type of institution it came from. Next, they are going to say if you re...
  4. A Different Approach to the ADN vs. BSN Debate

    Mine was a different approach. We had hands on care from the first clinical and we took care of some very critical patients through out my two years. We had a year and a half of pre reqs and two years of nursing classes. We have more than thirty h...
  5. A Different Approach to the ADN vs. BSN Debate

    I am getting ready to graduate from an ADN program and I feel that I have a strong enough education base to work competently as a RN. I also know people who have completed a BSN program and not even be able to pass the NCLEX; it just goes to show, i...
  6. Need help with Renal system

    We are having our second test of the class and I rocked on the first one...now i'm very concerned about this test coming up. It's on the renal system and associated diseases/disorders. My lecturer was horrible and she expects us to read 5 text chap...
  7. 1st year, need advice !!

    My first test as a first year student was tough. All of our tests are structured like NCLEX test questions and I bought two NCLEX study books (Saunders comprehensive and Kaplan and I liked Saunders better) and it helped me tremendously. Also, try s...
  8. Careplans Help Please! (with the R\T and AEB)

    The related to is the medical diagnosis but you cannot use a medical diagnosis....they have to be NANDA approved and there are a lot of books out there that help out.....one is mosby's pocket guide to nursing diagnoses. An example of a diagnosis coul...
  9. Welcome to the Missouri State Forum!

    Hello everyone, I am currently living in the suburbs of Chicago, IL and we are moving to the Rolla, MO area after I graduate (that's in May). I will be graduating with an ADN/RN and I was wondering if I should take the NCLEX in Missouri or take it in...
  10. Introductions

    Hello everyone, I live here in Illinois and I am currently a nursing student (ADN program). I graduate in May and I am scared to death starting on the floor and feeling like I still don't know anything. My school is doing a great job of educating u...