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:wavey: welcome to the missouri state forum! why not 'show me' what part of the state you all are from? suebird :)... Read More

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    Quote from aacurtis72
    We are moving to the Phelps County area when I graduate (10 weeks). I am currently living in Chicago and we are actually meeting with the realtor next week....I'm not taking the NCLEX here, I am taking it in Jefferson City. I can't wait to get out of here
    I'm not familiar with Phelps County, but welcome you to the State of MO...I really enjoy living here and hope you will be happy in your new home!!

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    First timer here -I'm from Warren County -hour west of St Louis -ready to jump back into nursing after 15 years on and 13 years off. Would love the skinny re: Gov. Claire's new mandate for nursing home inspectors. It's a catch 22 - You can't get basic info until you apply -Also checking out school nurse opportunities and doing third party verification for insurance companies.
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    Hi ya'll!!! I'm down south here in "the bootheel" of missouri, real close to the arkansas state line. Just an ole country girl, emphasis on the OLD!!!!!!!!
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    I'm in Joplin- aren't there any others from Joplin?
    I start Nursing School at MO Southern in August...so ready for it to be here already. I think I might not even enjoy summer (which never happens), I'll just want it to end so I can start school again. (I've been out for two years when hubby and I got pregnant!!! )
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    Im from KC, a first semester PVCC LPN student....I really don't like my classes b/c of the poor instruction but I love being a nurse (currently a CNA at NKCH) so i'll stick to it and do my best. GRADUATION DEC. 15TH!!! Then who knows i might get my paramedic or not im still deciding. I Graduated from North Nodaway HS in good ol' Hopkins Missouri. I despise the city i miss having a quiet bedroom to sleep in without the sirens just listening to the bugs hit the bug zapper at night
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    Quote from Nurseducky86
    I despise the city. i miss having a quiet bedroom to sleep in without the sirens just listening to the bugs hit the bug zapper at night
    Funny!! I bet it's different!! Welcome, and best wishes!!
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    hi everybody. iam new to all these. i live in ST louis. I passed my NCLEX in March. At last I made it I work at a local hospital.Its so nice to have people that been throgh the sam stuff.
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    Welcome rachellewus!! And congratulations!!
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    hello again to everyone, and hello texx08!! I am from warren county also!
    It is finally warm again and I am so happy. I do like snow, but that cold wind we kept having was putting me into a depression. It is nice to see so many people from good 'ole MO. I just wish we were on here more often.
    and aacurtis--- you will like phelps county. it is country, beautiful, and full of nice people!!
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    hi all, first time on the missouri forum.... i am from southeast missouri, a couple of hours south of st. louis anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone

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