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    In 9 months I will be graduating the LPN program and the hospitals in my area are not hiring LPNs much anymore. Just wondering if anyone knows of any LPN positions in any St. Louis area hospitals? I have also heard of LPNs working as techs but I dont know much about that. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    job market here in stl for lpns is horrible. no hospitals hire lpns anymore. st. johns mercy will hire lpns for there off site skilled nursing facility. problem is too many grads and not enough jobs. homecare maybe an option if you like peds.
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    Yeah, i will probably stay with the LTC i work for now, lpns make $20.50 then im going back for my BSN. I am already done with all my prereqs. Working in hospital is ultimately what i want to do.
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    St. Anthony's Medical Center along with most other hospitals are not hiring LPNs. LTC would be great but have you considered a bridge program to offer you more options?
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    I was just curious if anyone knows how the job market for RN's is in STL? I will have my BSN in May 2013. Thanks!
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    Quote from jennieb79
    I was just curious if anyone knows how the job market for RN's is in STL? I will have my BSN in May 2013. Thanks!
    Jennieb79, that depends on if you are a nurse with experience or a new graduate with no experience. Nurses with experience generally have more options than new grads, however, there are opportunities for new grads if you network, take a job as a tech in a healthcare setting while in nursing school, and are creative in your job search prior to and after graduation. Definitely begin applying for positions by Feb. of 2013 since you will graduate in May. Just concentrate on making connections and getting as much information as possible about positions during your clinicals. Work hard and learn as much as possible. Make your resume stand out. Get help from the career advisors at your school if you need help with your resume and cover letter. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice TeleNurse2010! The school suggests that you not work throughout the entire program. Its an accelerated program and I imagine I won't have much free time. So, you think it would be worth it to work part time to get the experience so that I'd be able to find a job much easier after graduation? That does seem to make sense. I do not want to invest all of this $ into school and then not be able to find a job after I graduate!
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    I am graduating from an AT-BSN May 12. I have worked part time through the entire program. I have worked as a Unit Secretary/Nurse Tech in a Hospital for about 1/2 the program. It was the best experience I possibly could have gotten. I don't feel my grades suffered at all, and I think it helped tremendously with clinicals. As long as you're good at time management you should be fine.
    I am also in Missouri, and job market doesn't look good. I have a decent job background for a new grad and I haven't gotten much response for my hours and hours of applications.

    I'll go anywhere, if anyone has any leads please let me know!
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    Foreverstl I was wondering wat LTC u wrk for Tht starts lpns out at 20.50??
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    BJC st peters hires LPN's

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