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  1. dreamprincess89

    Path to Becoming an Air Force Nurse

    BlazerGuy, Thanks for the reality! Yeah I know its hard for everyone right now, its good to know what to expect. Military was almost a back up for me, knowing what a hard time I will have as a new grad. I guess my main concern is if it is a decision I need to make now and start an application process.
  2. dreamprincess89

    Path to Becoming an Air Force Nurse

    I am just starting my research into military RN options. I didn't realize it was so competitive to get in. Is this a particular program or is it in general? Is it difficult to get into all branches, or is it Air Force in particular? I will have my RN-BSN in a year and since I haven't made a definitive decision would it behoove me more to get some experience before trying to join?
  3. dreamprincess89

    BSN to ADN transfer programs

    I'm not sure if there is a preference in my area, I am in Kansas City. I actually don't care where I get a job, if I have to relocate that would be fine with me. I know in KC they are pushing LPNs out of hospitals, and from what I'm told there are certain specialties they won't hire plain RNs for, like critical care. I actually need to be in critical care to become a CRNA eventually, but that is not an immediate factor. I will have 20-25 credit hours to get a BSN which is pretty easy. And I am in the private school route and will easily have 60,000 in loans if I stay the route I'm in. I would save $10-15,000 if I switch.
  4. dreamprincess89

    BSN to ADN transfer programs

    I have started an accelerated track BSN-RN program. I was also accepted into an ADN nursing program. The AT-BSN that I am in right now is very expensive and I am having trouble finding help and scholarships because I already have a bachelor's degree. I was considering a transfer to the ADN program to save some money and hopefully raise my grades because I won't have to work so much. I would finish either program at the same time. Am I insane for considering an associates over a bachelor's degree? I really think It may be better for me personally but would it be detrimental to my career to make this change? I know jobs are scarce right now will I have more trouble getting hired as an RN without a BSN?
  5. dreamprincess89

    CRNA Jobs?

    I'm about to start an AT-BSN to grad in May 2012. I also am hoping to get a CRNA as my career of choice, I'm a bit worried though with all the talk of scarce jobs for new RN's. Especially since I consider myself a B average student, capable of A's but this program is presented to be extremely difficult. If I don't leave my BSN with a 4.0 will I have trouble getting work?
  6. So I just interviewed for an Accelerated BSN program with William Jewell. Basically my lower GPA didn't make the cut, but they liked me and suggested a new 16 month program they are starting in January 11. Long story short I am missing one class for it Pathophysiology. Of course its 3 weeks into the semester and its kinda of a rare class to find. Does anyone know of one that hasn't started yet? I'm in the Kansas City area, but I could take an online class anywhere!