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  1. I have a friend in a similar situation. A drug seeking patient called the nurse advocate and accused her of diverting. So they escorted her off the floor midshift, not discreetly. She did a urine and blood drug screen and is awaiting results. They told her she was suspended without pay. She requested the no pay policy, which doesn't exist, so it looks like she will be reimbursed for the time missed assuming her screen is negative. The results were supposed to be back yesterday, and everyone is giving her the run around. From what I've read, they could fire her on suspicion regardless of a negative result. Should she already be seeking legal council? Unfortunately the poor girl, 28 years old, she had NHL now in remission and still has tons of medical bills. She'd love to avoid a lawyer bill for something she hasn't even done.
  2. dreamprincess89

    Wolford College CRNA February 2016 entry

    I was just accepted for the class starting in February. Sounds like a huge risk to commit to this school. It sounds like if accreditation is pulled I would still finish with the teach through plan, but what would the quality of that education be? There is no guarantee that they'll be properly preparing us for our certification exam which is the most important part. If they're closing what do they care if we fail? And at some point I'd like to get my doctorate so if they are the only school that recognizes our credits and they close, what does that mean?
  3. dreamprincess89

    WGU masters in Leadership and Management anyone in or completed???

    I am a new grad RN, and I was looking into this program. As a new grad I'm a little ways from attempting a management position. This program appeals to me because of the cost and self pace. I'm curious what other things could I do with this degree? Will a masters such as this improve my pay as a floor nurse? And will it limit opportunities as a floor nurse in the future?
  4. dreamprincess89

    Negotiate New Salary: New Graduate

    I will be a new grad in May and have received an offer about 2.5 hours from where I live. Its in the ICU, the department I wanted, but is also 3-5$ less than what I was expecting/hoping to get. Its the same salary I make in my non-nursing job and I will have to relocate. I am considering taking it, but should I attempt to negotiate for a bit more?
  5. dreamprincess89

    Soon to be Graduate LPN/ St. Louis

    I am graduating from an AT-BSN May 12. I have worked part time through the entire program. I have worked as a Unit Secretary/Nurse Tech in a Hospital for about 1/2 the program. It was the best experience I possibly could have gotten. I don't feel my grades suffered at all, and I think it helped tremendously with clinicals. As long as you're good at time management you should be fine. I am also in Missouri, and job market doesn't look good. I have a decent job background for a new grad and I haven't gotten much response for my hours and hours of applications. I'll go anywhere, if anyone has any leads please let me know!
  6. dreamprincess89

    I'm in, how to prepare for nursing school?

    My lil sis just got fully accepted to Penn Valley RN program. Nursing tests are so different from general ed test, what resources can I get her to help her prepare for the critical thinking based tests? For my program I tried NCLEX test prep books before starting the program, but without the knowledge to help answer the questions, it really didn't help. It was more overwhelming than anything. Does anyone know of a book or website with maybe practice questions at her level or critical thinking based questions that might help her prepare for the different testing style.
  7. I'm a student at William Jewell AT-BSN. Going into our final semester in the spring they have asked us to choose several hospitals that we would like to go to for our critical care rotations. I want to be an ICU nurse and then CRNA as my end goal. My first concern is having a job when I am a new grad, preferably ICU but I know ICU is an unlikely starting point. What hospitals would I be able to get the best experience at and networking for future positions? Or does anyone know of ICUs in the KCMO area that may be hiring new grads in the next year.
  8. I won't graduate until May 12 with my RN/BSN, but with all the talk of new grads having trouble getting their foot in the door I want to be ready and ahead of the game. I am curious what kinds of certs or experience might help me towards my end goal. I want to work ICU to eventually become a CRNA. I know to get PALS, ACLS, BLS, and CNA experience. So far I have not been able to get on at any hospital as a CNA. I'm willing to start anywhere and go anywhere, but ICU would be my first choice. What other certifications are available to me without having experience? Is there anything else I could possibly get to help make me a more attractive applicant?
  9. dreamprincess89

    Penn Valley RN Program

    I got into a better program at a better school before I was accepted at Penn Valley. Its more expensive but i'm 1/2 way in now, and I wouldn't have even started the Penn Valley until Fall 11
  10. dreamprincess89

    Penn Valley RN Program

    I got in with I think points of 3.64 or something, and turned down the spot. I'm not entirely sure they go strictly be the points though. That seems pretty low compared to over 6. I have a good educational history with 2 degrees under my belt, and all the coinciding courses and prereqs finished already, and high TEAS scores. I think that out weighed my "points", but I could be wrong.
  11. dreamprincess89

    One Of The Saddest Things I've Seen... Can't Stop Laughing

    I am a nursing student, and recently my mom was hospitalized with pneumonia. She is fine now, but she spent several days in the ICU. One of the days I was with her I noticed her young nurse with 2 nursing students from different schools following her, and later in the day she had an EMT student also following her. It was like a parade. Not to mention that the nurse was terrible! In ICU I pressed the call button because O2 sat alarms had been going on nearly 15 minutes with no response, followed by 15-20 minutes with no response to the call light. I had to find another nurse to come turn up my mom's oxygen level. I'd like to sympathize with the fact that she was training, but it was the ICU and that is inexcusable.
  12. dreamprincess89

    Path to Becoming an Air Force Nurse

    BlazerGuy, Thanks for the reality! Yeah I know its hard for everyone right now, its good to know what to expect. Military was almost a back up for me, knowing what a hard time I will have as a new grad. I guess my main concern is if it is a decision I need to make now and start an application process.
  13. dreamprincess89

    Path to Becoming an Air Force Nurse

    I am just starting my research into military RN options. I didn't realize it was so competitive to get in. Is this a particular program or is it in general? Is it difficult to get into all branches, or is it Air Force in particular? I will have my RN-BSN in a year and since I haven't made a definitive decision would it behoove me more to get some experience before trying to join?
  14. dreamprincess89

    BSN to ADN transfer programs

    I'm not sure if there is a preference in my area, I am in Kansas City. I actually don't care where I get a job, if I have to relocate that would be fine with me. I know in KC they are pushing LPNs out of hospitals, and from what I'm told there are certain specialties they won't hire plain RNs for, like critical care. I actually need to be in critical care to become a CRNA eventually, but that is not an immediate factor. I will have 20-25 credit hours to get a BSN which is pretty easy. And I am in the private school route and will easily have 60,000 in loans if I stay the route I'm in. I would save $10-15,000 if I switch.
  15. dreamprincess89

    BSN to ADN transfer programs

    I have started an accelerated track BSN-RN program. I was also accepted into an ADN nursing program. The AT-BSN that I am in right now is very expensive and I am having trouble finding help and scholarships because I already have a bachelor's degree. I was considering a transfer to the ADN program to save some money and hopefully raise my grades because I won't have to work so much. I would finish either program at the same time. Am I insane for considering an associates over a bachelor's degree? I really think It may be better for me personally but would it be detrimental to my career to make this change? I know jobs are scarce right now will I have more trouble getting hired as an RN without a BSN?
  16. dreamprincess89

    CRNA Jobs?

    I'm about to start an AT-BSN to grad in May 2012. I also am hoping to get a CRNA as my career of choice, I'm a bit worried though with all the talk of scarce jobs for new RN's. Especially since I consider myself a B average student, capable of A's but this program is presented to be extremely difficult. If I don't leave my BSN with a 4.0 will I have trouble getting work?