Please HELP - I Need a Good Lawyer!

  1. I hope someone (or more) of you can help me - I've always appreciated how much help people get from this site. I need the name of an experienced attorney who can help me with the Missouri Board of Nursing. I was working as a travel nurse at a hospital in St. Louis, but now I'm in Philadelphia.

    I worked as a paralegal before I went to nursing school, and in my experience the best way to find a good attorney is by recommendation, so that's why I'm asking this group. I do understand that no one can guarantee results, and I'm not asking for a legal opinion, just any names from anyone who might have had a similar experience.

    Thanks in advance, and I do miss St. Louis - it was a very good place for my first travel assignment!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    We realize that you are not asking for advice, but neither can we provide attorney recommendations.

    Please understand that we are just very concerned about preserving your privacy and by posting on a public board, you are leaving yourself open to someone finding out your identity.
  4. by   tabbysrn
    Yes, I realize you can't recommend anyone - again, I was looking for feedback from anyone who's had a similar experience, and maybe even the name of someone who had been helpful. Having seen descriptions of others' problems, I'm trying to stay within guidelines but reach out for support at the same time.

    Thanks for your time and attention.
  5. by   elkpark
    I have no personal experience with this, fortunately (knock on wood! ), but I know that, when this question has been asked here in the past, people have suggested the American Association of Nurse Attorneys as a source for finding a local attorney with the kind of experience you need.

    Best wishes!
  6. by   tabbysrn
    Thanks very much for the info - I hadn't seen that organization name before. AND thanks VERY much for the encouragement - it helps a lot.
  7. by   RN-BS1972
    Niki sublett is a defense attorney for nurses she is in the jefferson city area where state board is im me for her number
  8. by   tabbysrn
    i don't have im, but looked her up online. thanks so much!
  9. by   tabbysrn
    someone wanted to know what happened, so i'll just say what i've been told: especially until this is cleared up and certainly after it is, i can't explain what happened here - i tried, and the admin folks were on the ball & pointed out that this site respects & preserves anonymity, and i was @ risk of identifying myself. so, i'll just say i was accused of something that, IF i HAD done it, would have been unprofessional and rude. i did NOT do it, so am fighting to clear things up - got a call from the BON saying it will take months, which is discouraging, but i have faith, and this site helps a LOT - you guys ROCK!
  10. by   caliotter3
    The American Association of Nurse Attorneys referral service: